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Chloe, Ca and Yi Ru have been friends since primary school. They came from different background; economics, medicine and design respectively.  They have really distinct characteristics but they get along just nicely together. Best friends usually share a lot of things in common, yes? But, the three of them have really different stories to tell. Hence, they figured that it would be fun to document these stories together in a blog. Some similarities they shared? They like banana and dislike kimchi.

A little girl who holds big dreams wishing to make a difference and help save the world one day. This may sound cliche but these impossible dreams is worth pursuing in her opinion. Good conversation starters for her would be anything related to music, history, ancient discoveries, culture, dogs, and stories of your life. In her spare time, you will find her reading, listening to indies and watching movies in the theater.

That medical student that does not look like one, chinese but not exactly chinese with a tinge of something else ;)
I love Jesus, I love to run, interested in photography and fancies classical..................maybe a little music.
Typical girl like me LOVES pink and shopping. :)

Yi Ru
I'm a Jack. Where I go by the name Yva. Frequently reacted with something like this "Ohh like Eva from the movie Wall-E?" ... Yea with a 'Y' just because I'm different that way! I'm up to try anything and also I adapt quickly. What I dont adapt to are dirty toilets. Just so you know, the character in Wall-E is Eve not Eva  but yeah.


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