Friday, April 4, 2014

Vague Post

Logged in, logged out, and logged in again to Blogger haha. 

Recently Ru, Ca and I have been busy; Ru has Italian class and lots of sight-seeing to do (I guess. We haven't have a skype session!) while Ca is having the toughest posting this semester. Sometimes, she has on call (milder ones like around 12 hours - 18 hours if I am not wrong) too! As for me, I will be graduating soon so I am looking for internship to get a head start since I am unsure of which industry I would like to work at. I had underwent an interview lately but I got rejected. I am fine :). Having been living under a privileged life, I am truly blessed. Upon deciding to step out of my comfort zone, I feel rather uncomfortable now lol. Anyhow, this year has started off exciting and will be exciting for me. 

I know this post is rather vague but I will just leave it as it is. Logging out now! 



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