Thursday, March 20, 2014

Giorno 61 - Primavera

Spring time is where carpets of daisies fill the fields and birds are finally chirping while pomegranates rotted. I'm somehow wishing the day would come sooner during winter. I was constantly asking my teachers when will winter end. Despite being in Italy and it isn't as cold as other countries (whatever) I still feel what I feel, as a matter of fact, I don't feel my toes sometimes. Winter was constantly raining for almost 2 weeks if I had not remembered wrongly. I felt weird when I put on my shirt and my arm was exposed. I looked at them and smile, what brutal things had Italy did to me. My finger tips converged and teetered back and forth, out comes the word "cazzo.." I've been eating lots of bomboloni I bet.

But heck, it was so warm when the first day of spring came. My winter wear serve me well and now its just going to take up half my suitcase till winter comes by again. Dang.

I should just enjoy spring because at times I will be sweating and it just scares me to think what will summer be like if I sweat in spring. Trust me there are a lot on my mind when the season change because during winter I was wrapped up and walking really fast through the streets of Florence. Though during these few days when the temperature was barely 20 degree, I see more weird people on the street. I was wondering to myself, wow the weird people are finally coming out from their caves. I never thought that I was weird when I had blue hair in Malaysia, but Europeans with blue, pink, green hair is weird as hell with their punk style fake glasses just makes me stare twice. Sorry but it is just horrible. My mum laugh when I told her that these people are starting to lurk around more instead of during winter. I swear there was none to be seen in winter just old people in their long trench coat walking in the streets with their dogs.

As I walk at the peak of Piazza San Miniato I look down at Florence having pink, purple, green and all sorts of flowers blooming then. It is just amazing having to experience this and the change of season is truly a change in feeling as well. As we walk pass a field of daisies with benches and a aluminium tapered fluted lamp post with roof mounted luminaires. Yeap there's where I will be buried in when I die. hahaha I felt instead of sad creepy cemetery as all picture the place should be somewhere where you loved ones sit and have nostalgic moments of you ;/ heh too much.

It was a nice day anyway, hollers from cute Italian guys from the passing cars and coming home to a new beautiful room mate that speaks Russian and nothing but Russian.


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