Saturday, February 1, 2014

Le Purple Hair!

Hellos I have yet another update of my hair dye colour again :) I dyed this a little late this time, after Christmas.
Such silly decision.
This time I only dyed it one colour, dark purple! I chose this because I saw this girl from lookbook which has light purple hair.
Since school is starting in a month I don't think the colour will fade in time for me to back to school having brown hair instead of bright purple hair. Sadly.

So then I saw another blogger who did dark purple and it turned out really nice! So I thought since I can't choose light purple why not go for dark? 

No regrets the colour turned out pretty cool! Since my last dye, I had bleach highlights on my hair still with the original colour already washed off. So even though I only dyed dark purple my hair turned out to have two colours with the bleach highlight having very bright purple.

Check out my previous dye here ! 

This colour is amazing because when I just dyed it, it look really dark almost like black(excluding the highlight).
Then as I wash it, it turned more red-marroon-pinkish which look sooooo gooooddd under the sunlight! I think it looks good in my preference. Heheheh and my lighter purple looks pinkish-magenta-fushia-ish? So I really liked it!

I have pictures of both when it is dark and light.

Now after having it for more than a month plus the colour is still there but is slowly fading to brown already. Just in time for school!
This colour is quite lasting compared to the red hair and pink brown hair I had last time.

I dyed my hair colour at number76 Mont' Kiara branch by Hikky! 

Notice the lighter purple (highlight streaks) are still the same as my previous dye.


This is the 3rd day after I dye, after first wash. Still very dark.

This is after I don't know how many washes, probably 3rd where the colour in my opinion is the best! These photos are taken indoor.

Side view.


Back view with sun and without sunlight.

See the difference in colour one in sun and the other without.

And finally a random picture I took that make my hair look super purple! 




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