Sunday, February 2, 2014

Giorno 15 - Day 15 in Italy but Day 3 in Malaysia

I was remembering it is Chinese New Year in Malaysia. Everyone would say I would feel lonely since I'm abroad and I don't have anyone to celebrate it with. Instead of that I don't feel any difference actually. There was one secretary from school wished me Happy Chinese New Year! I smiled my largest as I think no one would know about it. There was a girl in my class from Israel who look at me strange "Why is your new year in the middle of January?" I like how people look at me strange. I then explained how the Chinese calendar only have 30 days that's why our dates are always different for new year. In Malaysia we could celebrate new year 4 times actually hahaha.

While we share stories about how we all celebrated our New year back in our own country, Laura black hair, pointy nose and had lots of rings on her fingers said her and her family would run around the boundaries of their house(and their neighbours as well! Couldn't help myself I was laughing so hard) once the clock struck midnight with their pocket filled with a good luck charm. She showed us later but I forgot what was it but I remembered it was weird. ;/ hahahaha. This was her story in italian which was my second week of Italian language. I hope I heard it correctly if not I would be finding a wall to bang into right now.

I felt nothing on "Chinese New Year" this year as I walk the streets of Florence there was commotion of course it just another day to get to work. What I find it funny was I kept wishing my parents on Chinese New Year eve and my brother was like "... not yet.." My nostrils frilled and wondered "wtf. I just told the secretary in our school it was CNY tomorrow." Heh heh . Thank God he didn't needed that information about it. As well I told the dates so wrong when the next day I wish my family again they say "tomorrow is only the first day of Chinese new year today is just the eve where we are going to your grandparents' house"
Finally on the first day of Chinese New Year I give up, my younger brother sending me a picture of my red packet and mum told me to go find bird saliva in Florence.

Haha no mum. There is no bird saliva in Florence.

I was evading the rain.

Weather in Florence is terrible as it was raining the whole day and almost the whole week for that matter. I stayed in my pyjamas and made myself minestrone as I was sick and mum should not know. It was day 3 of CNY where all my relatives would gather in my house. I remembered telling my Italian teacher Valentina, I had 6 nieces/nephews, 40 cousins, 18, aunts and uncles and 1 grandparents. Her mouth opened wide and asked how we fit into one house. While everyone fitted in my house they skyped with me as well. How sweet. I don't know but I think it is the first time my grandmum encountered skype and she cried literally in front of the screen where she was shocked to see me. hahahaha. As awkward as it was I felt so loved by everyone.

Nom toast is a comfort food when you have cold (Thats what I read at least)

Now I understand why went you are abroad "studying" you can really know alot of series. I finished a few seasons of series of my own. I should really say FML at that moment as I'm in Florence but heck. It's winter.


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