Saturday, January 4, 2014


How has your 2013 been? I really would like to give a #throwback to all the things that had happen throughout the year and it would make me smile of all the shits we went through and all the blessings that has happened. They would always say end your year with a bang. As if we are in control but I don't know about you, while ending my year I still have to take on some shits.

It was when I realize my future was suddenly stripped of from me where I planned. Where I stood in a path where I don't know and unsure where would it lead me anymore. I was sitting in front of the computer there after that trying to find solution and be optimistic about the shit. Right now I will know not to rely everything on others even if you are paying them.

Instead of people putting you in shits, I will think that I will not feel as devastated if I put myself in shit.
#quoteforlife ! LOL

I previously was doing resolutions for every year (for 4 years actually) it was going on okay well. This year when I was thinking what should I do for my resolution I didn't know how. I've grown so much where resolution seems to be so hard to control over at this moment. /this moment at least./

What matters now is don't ever play the victim(even if you are) in a negative occurrence. Always endure through tough times and keep this in mind at least

"Dont worry, everything will be fine."

This is a simple line even your fake friends would know how to say, but dig deeper into that meaning. It is true. Yes it might take sometime but again ... everything will be fine :) So suck up your mucus and say "everything will be fine."
Find every positive part in the situations you get yourself into. Whether is good or bad, it will happen for a reason.

I remember few days before Christmas 2013 I was telling my friend who I just met few months back, about the things that screwed up. He just lowered his voice and said "Okay.. but I always believe things happen for a reason so don't worry about it" I agree with what he said so much that I just needed someone to tell me that verbally and I realize those are also support I needed.

He later then gave me something super sweet that no guy or girl friends gave me. He gave me a notebook.

"... if you ever miss us turn to the last page of the book"

There it was, people who are dearly to me and made a big part of 2013. At that point Christmas was filled with so much joy and -almost- tears. The guy who gave me is a muslim and hey, I'm a buddhist(or wadever). #thatshowweroll 

Hehe sry, been mocking with hashtags recently. If you always wanted something happen in your life, be a little adventurous I guess. Right now the uncertainty in my life is also something I hold interest in. What's life has got for me. I can't wait to see what am I getting myself into. This leads me into typing this blog post knowing I'm getting myself into something, the leap of life. (as of now haha)

I'm going Italy in 6 days, I've yet to pack, get bank draft(which I found out that I need to do that yesterday night), partial documents for student visa, student visa, offer letter, school as a matter of fact nor my official flight ticket really.

How can I even tell people I'm going to Italy haha but when I'm determine with something I would do it. Yes I'm going to Italy with nothing prepare at this point. Also I can assure you "I'll be fine.. " lol

I came to a point even where you prepare everything. things are bound to screw up somewhere. Fate is completely out of our hands, we should never be fear of that. So why bother controlling over it. Just do whatever things that you know and you can, stand back and you would be discovering how interesting your life can be happening.

This year's resolution shouldn't be like a bucket list or achieving a target for now. Instead

- Be safe
- Be independent
- Be open
- Be smart
- Be optimistic also realistic in some stuff

and Believe.



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