Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Permesso di Siorgiorno e` Codice Fiscale

I was smiling to myself at the office while waiting for my number to be called up today. I feel abit more grown up as I keep visiting offices like this. What my dad will hate is that we have to wait for number and it is a waste of time.

Should have gotten a cornetto.

I start class at 9:00pm - 4:00pm everyday. In my mindset is that Italians are lazy and shop closes early and they work slow... Thats what everyone tells me. What I know from these few months is that don't necessarily take other's word for it until you experience it yourself actually.

In Italy, as a foreign student (not from the Schengen area which also means a NON-EU citizen) you are to report yourself and get the Resident Permit at the Post office (of police station) within 8 days. Due to some reason I only managed to get my stuff sorted and decided to go apply on Friday which was my 6th day of arrival. This will ensure you to move about the Schengen area freely and also if you wish to extend your stay you don't necessary have to go back to your own country instead you can extend your residence permit (Permesso di Siorgiorno).

-Within 8 days report yourself to get Permesso di Siorgiorno.
-You will be given a "kit" which is an envelope with forms.
-Ask for the travel insurance if you don't have one they would have 6months to 1 year. Ask for the price and it has to cover your stay in order to get your residence permit. Bout 50Euros.
-Fill it up depending on you are a student of working. Form is in Italian.
- You will have to photocopy your passport(every page).
-You will have to get a sticker of a mark I forgot the name. You can get it at any retail shop with a "T" which means they are selling tabacchi. I paid mine for 16Euro.

Go to the post office and get a number again and its "Sportello Amico" button. I didn't know which one so I press all of it and waited out for my number lololol. Put everything back into the "kit" again and they will tell you when you have to report yourself at the office at a specific office or place. Mine gonna be in a month, I think thats really slow but im not in a rush so.. yeah. Everything came to a cost of 110Euro for it. I have no comment on that but I think I would need the permit so I did not hesitate on it.

After class I had time to go to the post office and get my documents to apply for the "Permesso Siorgionno" and guess what. I had it done by 6+ After getting it I was so lost really, I just ran back to the school and asked the admin to fill the form for me as I didn;t know a single word.

Though being in Italy they will gladly help if they could actually. oh. Florence. From what people told me, shop closes early and all, In Malaysia they close at 6? In Florence they close at 7 yo. I had time to run and get groceries also.

After the residence permit was done I need to open a bank account in order to get a swift code and minimize the charges I guess.  I don't know but I plan to stay longer in Italy so it seems to be a better idea. Again they tell me it will take a week, it is strict, it is not easy.

Opening a bank account in Italy you will need a "Codice Fiscale"(Tax Code)

In Florence go to the Agenzia Delle Entrate near Via Spartaco Lavagnini. If you are going with GPS search for the Plus Florence Hostel easier its just next to it.
It opens at 8.30am which is earlier compare to my country again. It will just take 30mins to get everything done. I go there and they speak english yeah. Tell them you need to get the Codice Fiscale they will give you a form.

-Bring you passport and photocopy front and whatever visa that you have.
-Fill in the form (this form is in english)
-Wait for your number and voila.

Done. They will provide your code on paper while Italians are on a card. I just know certain banks in Italy but Banca CR Firenze deals internationally and they speak english, sorry it would be easier in communicating. Banca CR Firenze is also known as Banca San Intesa something.

After getting my Codice Fiscale I just walk across the street to open a bank account. The lady was nice enough to even escort me to the ATM Machine and teach me how to use it. I got it done really quick and have a gelato on my way back to the institute for my class.
Pistacchio. Fave.

From all this I feel more grown up because its serious stuff. Dealing with documents and all wasn't really what we have to do and usually agents will get it settle for us. For me to be hands on in this has pros and cons. I would have to get my hands in my own shit thats all. At least I know now worse to worse is that I just have to keep solving each obstacle.

While waiting for my number to be call, I was getting help from one party to another I feel as though I was in the game of Amazing race or some treasure hunt game. I finally got to my mark.


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