Thursday, January 23, 2014

Konichiwa from Tokyo!

Konichiwa! I am now in Tokyo! hehe. I thought of blogging like the dayre-way for my Tokyo trip so here I am blogging now :) It will be just a simple post with a picture of the day.

Excuse me for the bad-quality picture above. I was half asleep and couldn't get the right setting for my camera, hence I took it with my smartphone instead. xD

I am finally able to blog! :) I had just completed my final exams yesterday. It was a joyful moment until I was hit by a bad headache. I had to sleep and then wake up to print my itinerary (still not done yet) and pack my bag >_<. 

Despite, I am really happy! Am finally visiting the country that I had always dream of going since I was a kid. :D Upon arriving Tokyo, I hopped in the train and walked to the hotel. Just grabbed a bowl of ramen and gyoza in a restaurant nearby the hotel. It is 12:13am (KL time) now. Goodnight! 



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