Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fought and Flew.

The night before my flight I went to sleep with my mum I think I mumbled to her that I feel like eating crabs. There were all sorts of meeting and nowadays goodbye doesn't feel like goodbyes anymore. After the goodbye there is still hellos in facebook. It isn't that hard to stay in touch. All those meetings are more like 'see you soon' and you guys would miss me, yes. But I'm missing ALL of you. That might be harder.

Sry she wasnt suppose to tell lol. She was next to me when you guys texted her haha.
I would hug you when I come back @Chloe

Flying alone isn't weird at all. Another thing that is not weird is that what I always wish on the plane.

Not to sit in the middle and with hopes of hot guys that are nice next to me.

Yes I'm aware that becareful of what we wish for and all and how sometimes it wouldnt come true though. So the situation on the plane was, I had a middle seat, in between two really big guy haha whaddafuq. I said my hello and they responded with "aww, we were wishing you wouldn't show up!" Well fuck you hahahaha. Seats were tight and I had a second look on my 'flight buddies', on my left he look like those high school football(not soccer) bullies with squinty eyes and hands in the hoodie pocket - Devin Ratray while on my right look like Bruce Willis in his black leather jacket. I swear to God !

I just look like a tiny Asian sitting in between hehe. Some people could hardly sleep and I was also worry about that where I went to MPH to get a book. Seriously debating on the books that were on the list was those history books that might just put me to sleep. Halfway watching The Great Gatsby, I fell asleep. i had a decent 6 hours sleep till I finished up my movie and in total only I watched two movies on this 15hrs plane.

I was clearing customs with 7kg load on my back and 3 kg slinged. I have another 2 hour till I fly from Amsterdam to Florence.Its 8 and it is still dark out. I cringed up on the seat here started reading my book, after a few pages what running on my mind was I should have bring a bookmark, shit.

Reading always trigger me to blog sometimes. Especially reading in a quiet surroundings where it will make you think into deep thoughts. I think I'll be having those more often now that I'm alone. While on the plane I was wondering how would my mum be going back. All I know is that when she returned home she opened my car and took out the shoes and place it back into the shoe rack which I would do every 3 months or so.

I think I miss her already.


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