Saturday, January 25, 2014

Giorno 6, Day 1

I wonder if you are curious about me being in Italy because thoughts of me speaking to myself in my thoughts through my walks here has been a lot more. Upon arriving in Italy it I remember day 1 where I don't even want to be anywhere but home in my bed really. Thats day 1. I was thinking why am I here!

I kept reassuring myself that after. I never thought that at that point it was so hard where I was wondering how do people leave their home and be at somewhere starting and building their life. The comfort zone that always where I was, the lack of appreciation for the sun in Malaysia, was reflecting so much here. lololol Actually I wouldn't be cursing more but the weather here is cold. I'd like to remind myself about how cold the first alone night it was where I dare not use the blanket and I was covered with my trench coat, clean towels and scarf that chloe and ca gave.

Day 1 was really hard.

Upon arriving in Florence I was picked up by the professor in an Alpha Romeo. Being drove to my apartment I then spoke to the professor and he told me there was only estimated seven hundred thousand occupied the city of Florence. Passing through the scenes of Florence in the winter seems so dead where killed my joy of being in Italy really.

He then helped me bring my 25kg bag up the 5 floors apartment where it was beautiful and walking up the stairs either smelt like zuppe pomodoro(tomato soup) or Italy. I was first to reach the flat I guess. Decent 3 room flat with no living room and a kitchen. I dont know. When the first day I was in the flat, I really didn't wanted to touch anything. I'm abit of a clean freak where not that I clean just I don't touch dirty stuff. As I sat down I miss my parents already but I did not tell them immediately because I was worried that they might be worried. There I was, thinking how am I gonna survive 2 years in Italy. I was nice that my whatsapp was ringing abit by some of my friends. I then asked how did they managed it. My friend just said, he felt freedom and kept walking the whole day after leaving home. He advised, just smile if you don't understand. -___- helpful aih.

I slept around 7. this pic must have been earlier.
I quickly then put on my coat and the door opened. I was introduced to my new flatmate that would be moving in the day after. Lapo, the admin who was working for the institute brought me to the school instead of me finding my own way there. I live near everything that I would need where post office, markets, school and all gelateria, ristorante, pizzeria were just few minutes walk away. As I pass by a few blocks after I reached the square. Piazza Santa Croce. I then kept walking and walking till only 5 where it was already dark.

Although I'm in Italy, I didn't eat on the first day though. I went back and sleep at 7. I gave myself the reason that Malaysia is already late. First few days I felt abit heartache as I look at my watch. The hands on my watch were not set to the time of my location and it was still showing the time in Malaysia. Fk  I refuse to change it as I miss home lol. such a pussy really.

Not only that as I pay my fees for the school, I felt more of the ache as I thought.. "Really...?"



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