Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 2 Tokyo DisneySea

I am supposed to blog daily for my trip but the connection was not stable and I was really tired after a long day outside haha. I guess I am adapting to the weather here now. I can walk around without my gloves and beanie most of the time! :D Also, Ken and I were often being mistaken as Japanese. Well, we are asians anyway ^^v.

This is the view from our room in the morning! That is Mickey and Friends Square at groundfloor btw.

I spotted more Mickeys as I walk around the hotel. There are a few gardens around the hotel; Alice's garden and Sherwood Garden. 

I heard that DisneySea will be crazily packed during the weekend so I decided to go during weekdays but the queue was pretty long. So, if you ever plan to go to DisneySea, get a fast pass! DisneySea is more crowded than Disneyland. I am assuming that it is because of the rides here which are more exciting and better suited for teenagers. And, try not to miss their shows too! 

Here is a band performing in front ot Mediteranean Harbour. Spot Mount Prometheus from The Mysterious Land in the picture. Mysterious Land has two main attractions; Journey to the Center of the Earth and 20000 Leagues Under the Sea (one of my favourite ride of the day!). 

This is Venetian Gondolas. It is fun to wander around like a kid in DisneySea. Everything feels so magical. Mmm, I am still in awe of it haha. 

Had our brunch (sandwich, sweet potato pie, mochi-like aliens) in front of Mediteranean Harbor. The fillings inside of the sandwich are salmon, bacaon, egg and orange (yums) while the fillings of the mochi-like aliens are chocolate, yam, and apple. I am still keeping the Monster Inc. mineral bottle!  

After brunch, I took my first ride, "Tower of Terror" in American Waterfront. I was really terrified >_<. I saw people ranging from as young as five year old to 50s year old queuing for the ride so I didn't give much thought of it until I was instructed to put on seatbelt. The floor started moving up to the top of the tower and fell. Ahhh, I used to love ride like this but I guess I am getting old now. 

I was facing down with my eyes closed throughtout the ride. @@ Spot me lol.

It was around 2 degrees that day so at one point, I just squat down and didn't want to move. 

That is why we always appreciate sun more during winter season haha. Picture taken at Port Discovery. A nice place to sit down for a cup of coffee :).

A cafeteria at Lost River Delta.

Nightview of  a Titanic-like big ship in American Waterfront. 

At around 8pm,  Ken and I departed for Shinjuku. After checking into our hotel in Shinjuku, we took a stroll and had our dinner nearby. Since Malaysia doesn't have this ticketing machine to buy food, we kind of like eating in such restaurants haha. The food aren't too bad. :)


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