Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 1 Tokyo Disneyland

It is now 10.42 pm and 6 degree celcius in Maihama. I had totally underestimated the weather here in Japan. I was not able to buy any winter coats in Kuala Lumpur (partly because I am picky, but hey! Who would want to settle down with a kid's winter coat attached with ribbons, right?), hence I decided to come to Tokyo with a thermal inner wear and a sweater. Upon arriving at Tokyo yesterday, it was 1 degree celcius. It was bearable for the first few minutes though. Almost instantly, I missed the hot and humid weather in Kuala Lumpur haha. FYI, I decided to upload more pictures for the following blog posts instead of having a photo-of-the-day.

The view from my room in Haneda this morning :)

Today, I wear 1 thermal inner wear, 2 sweaters, a scarf and a beanie (just like the picture below). I decided to upload this picture for a better depiction of the weather haha. Departed from Haneda at 11am this morning and headed to Disneyland. I would conclude that the most exciting moment for today is getting lost and the happiest moment is finding your way out :). I took the wrong train heading to the opposite direction and only to realize it after several stops away from where I departed haha. 

Upon reaching at Shinagawa Station to transfer to JR Line before heading to Maihama Station where Disneyland is located at, I went to buy a Pasmo Card (known as a TouchNGo in Malaysia). Making purchases have never been so fun, but it is in Japan due to the barrier of language xD. After several attempts and asking several people along the station, I finally got my Pasmo card! Here I have got a story to tell (haha); I was directed to get my Pasmo card at this number 1 ticket machine (picture below) and after pressing the "purchase a new Pasmo Card" button, the screen showed an error displaying "A station staff member is coming. Please wait for a moment." While waiting, suddenly a small window-like thingy opened near the machine (spot the black shade at the right side of the picture below where it is opened) and a staff appeared. He told me to wait as they are fixing the machine. I was plain shocked as I never expected for the existence of an office-like space behind these machines!

Reached Disneyland at around 1pm.

Then, headed for a buffet lunch in Disneyland. As usual, they have mickey-shaped food like the nugget on the top left. The Japanese curry is surprisingly good. Okay, it is either Malaysian cooked it the wrong way or the Japanese curry here is really good. I shall uncover more curry place around Tokyo after this! :D

I was very excited to explore Disneyland so I did not take much pictures but if you insist, here is one! LOL. Everyone camwhore when they are queuing for their ride to kill some time, right? :D

Just had my dinner and look what I found! Should I call this a Mickey-naruto?

Also, I have been trying out various candies from the convenient store. Loving Pure so far :D

Just done my mission and spotted a few hidden Mickey in my room(kind of cheated for the first hidden Mickey haha). Mmm, I am expecting more though. Shall try again tomorrow morning!


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