Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Permesso di Siorgiorno e` Codice Fiscale

I was smiling to myself at the office while waiting for my number to be called up today. I feel abit more grown up as I keep visiting offices like this. What my dad will hate is that we have to wait for number and it is a waste of time.
Should have gotten a cornetto.

I start class at 9:00pm - 4:00pm everyday. In my mindset is that Italians are lazy and shop closes early and they work slow... Thats what everyone tells me. What I know from these few months is that don't necessarily take other's word for it until you experience it yourself actually.

In Italy, as a foreign student (not from the Schengen area which also means a NON-EU citizen) you are to report yourself and get the Resident Permit at the Post office (of police station) within 8 days. Due to some reason I only managed to get my stuff sorted and decided to go apply on Friday which was my 6th day of arrival. This will ensure you to move about the Schengen area freely and also if you wish to extend your stay you don't necessary have to go back to your own country instead you can extend your residence permit (Permesso di Siorgiorno).

-Within 8 days report yourself to get Permesso di Siorgiorno.
-You will be given a "kit" which is an envelope with forms.
-Ask for the travel insurance if you don't have one they would have 6months to 1 year. Ask for the price and it has to cover your stay in order to get your residence permit. Bout 50Euros.
-Fill it up depending on you are a student of working. Form is in Italian.
- You will have to photocopy your passport(every page).
-You will have to get a sticker of a mark I forgot the name. You can get it at any retail shop with a "T" which means they are selling tabacchi. I paid mine for 16Euro.

Go to the post office and get a number again and its "Sportello Amico" button. I didn't know which one so I press all of it and waited out for my number lololol. Put everything back into the "kit" again and they will tell you when you have to report yourself at the office at a specific office or place. Mine gonna be in a month, I think thats really slow but im not in a rush so.. yeah. Everything came to a cost of 110Euro for it. I have no comment on that but I think I would need the permit so I did not hesitate on it.

After class I had time to go to the post office and get my documents to apply for the "Permesso Siorgionno" and guess what. I had it done by 6+ After getting it I was so lost really, I just ran back to the school and asked the admin to fill the form for me as I didn;t know a single word.

Though being in Italy they will gladly help if they could actually. oh. Florence. From what people told me, shop closes early and all, In Malaysia they close at 6? In Florence they close at 7 yo. I had time to run and get groceries also.

After the residence permit was done I need to open a bank account in order to get a swift code and minimize the charges I guess.  I don't know but I plan to stay longer in Italy so it seems to be a better idea. Again they tell me it will take a week, it is strict, it is not easy.

Opening a bank account in Italy you will need a "Codice Fiscale"(Tax Code)

In Florence go to the Agenzia Delle Entrate near Via Spartaco Lavagnini. If you are going with GPS search for the Plus Florence Hostel easier its just next to it.
It opens at 8.30am which is earlier compare to my country again. It will just take 30mins to get everything done. I go there and they speak english yeah. Tell them you need to get the Codice Fiscale they will give you a form.

-Bring you passport and photocopy front and whatever visa that you have.
-Fill in the form (this form is in english)
-Wait for your number and voila.

Done. They will provide your code on paper while Italians are on a card. I just know certain banks in Italy but Banca CR Firenze deals internationally and they speak english, sorry it would be easier in communicating. Banca CR Firenze is also known as Banca San Intesa something.

After getting my Codice Fiscale I just walk across the street to open a bank account. The lady was nice enough to even escort me to the ATM Machine and teach me how to use it. I got it done really quick and have a gelato on my way back to the institute for my class.
Pistacchio. Fave.

From all this I feel more grown up because its serious stuff. Dealing with documents and all wasn't really what we have to do and usually agents will get it settle for us. For me to be hands on in this has pros and cons. I would have to get my hands in my own shit thats all. At least I know now worse to worse is that I just have to keep solving each obstacle.

While waiting for my number to be call, I was getting help from one party to another I feel as though I was in the game of Amazing race or some treasure hunt game. I finally got to my mark.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 2 Tokyo DisneySea

I am supposed to blog daily for my trip but the connection was not stable and I was really tired after a long day outside haha. I guess I am adapting to the weather here now. I can walk around without my gloves and beanie most of the time! :D Also, Ken and I were often being mistaken as Japanese. Well, we are asians anyway ^^v.

This is the view from our room in the morning! That is Mickey and Friends Square at groundfloor btw.

I spotted more Mickeys as I walk around the hotel. There are a few gardens around the hotel; Alice's garden and Sherwood Garden. 

I heard that DisneySea will be crazily packed during the weekend so I decided to go during weekdays but the queue was pretty long. So, if you ever plan to go to DisneySea, get a fast pass! DisneySea is more crowded than Disneyland. I am assuming that it is because of the rides here which are more exciting and better suited for teenagers. And, try not to miss their shows too! 

Here is a band performing in front ot Mediteranean Harbour. Spot Mount Prometheus from The Mysterious Land in the picture. Mysterious Land has two main attractions; Journey to the Center of the Earth and 20000 Leagues Under the Sea (one of my favourite ride of the day!). 

This is Venetian Gondolas. It is fun to wander around like a kid in DisneySea. Everything feels so magical. Mmm, I am still in awe of it haha. 

Had our brunch (sandwich, sweet potato pie, mochi-like aliens) in front of Mediteranean Harbor. The fillings inside of the sandwich are salmon, bacaon, egg and orange (yums) while the fillings of the mochi-like aliens are chocolate, yam, and apple. I am still keeping the Monster Inc. mineral bottle!  

After brunch, I took my first ride, "Tower of Terror" in American Waterfront. I was really terrified >_<. I saw people ranging from as young as five year old to 50s year old queuing for the ride so I didn't give much thought of it until I was instructed to put on seatbelt. The floor started moving up to the top of the tower and fell. Ahhh, I used to love ride like this but I guess I am getting old now. 

I was facing down with my eyes closed throughtout the ride. @@ Spot me lol.

It was around 2 degrees that day so at one point, I just squat down and didn't want to move. 

That is why we always appreciate sun more during winter season haha. Picture taken at Port Discovery. A nice place to sit down for a cup of coffee :).

A cafeteria at Lost River Delta.

Nightview of  a Titanic-like big ship in American Waterfront. 

At around 8pm,  Ken and I departed for Shinjuku. After checking into our hotel in Shinjuku, we took a stroll and had our dinner nearby. Since Malaysia doesn't have this ticketing machine to buy food, we kind of like eating in such restaurants haha. The food aren't too bad. :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Giorno 6, Day 1

I wonder if you are curious about me being in Italy because thoughts of me speaking to myself in my thoughts through my walks here has been a lot more. Upon arriving in Italy it I remember day 1 where I don't even want to be anywhere but home in my bed really. Thats day 1. I was thinking why am I here!

I kept reassuring myself that after. I never thought that at that point it was so hard where I was wondering how do people leave their home and be at somewhere starting and building their life. The comfort zone that always where I was, the lack of appreciation for the sun in Malaysia, was reflecting so much here. lololol Actually I wouldn't be cursing more but the weather here is cold. I'd like to remind myself about how cold the first alone night it was where I dare not use the blanket and I was covered with my trench coat, clean towels and scarf that chloe and ca gave.

Day 1 was really hard.

Upon arriving in Florence I was picked up by the professor in an Alpha Romeo. Being drove to my apartment I then spoke to the professor and he told me there was only estimated seven hundred thousand occupied the city of Florence. Passing through the scenes of Florence in the winter seems so dead where killed my joy of being in Italy really.

He then helped me bring my 25kg bag up the 5 floors apartment where it was beautiful and walking up the stairs either smelt like zuppe pomodoro(tomato soup) or Italy. I was first to reach the flat I guess. Decent 3 room flat with no living room and a kitchen. I dont know. When the first day I was in the flat, I really didn't wanted to touch anything. I'm abit of a clean freak where not that I clean just I don't touch dirty stuff. As I sat down I miss my parents already but I did not tell them immediately because I was worried that they might be worried. There I was, thinking how am I gonna survive 2 years in Italy. I was nice that my whatsapp was ringing abit by some of my friends. I then asked how did they managed it. My friend just said, he felt freedom and kept walking the whole day after leaving home. He advised, just smile if you don't understand. -___- helpful aih.

I slept around 7. this pic must have been earlier.
I quickly then put on my coat and the door opened. I was introduced to my new flatmate that would be moving in the day after. Lapo, the admin who was working for the institute brought me to the school instead of me finding my own way there. I live near everything that I would need where post office, markets, school and all gelateria, ristorante, pizzeria were just few minutes walk away. As I pass by a few blocks after I reached the square. Piazza Santa Croce. I then kept walking and walking till only 5 where it was already dark.

Although I'm in Italy, I didn't eat on the first day though. I went back and sleep at 7. I gave myself the reason that Malaysia is already late. First few days I felt abit heartache as I look at my watch. The hands on my watch were not set to the time of my location and it was still showing the time in Malaysia. Fk  I refuse to change it as I miss home lol. such a pussy really.

Not only that as I pay my fees for the school, I felt more of the ache as I thought.. "Really...?"


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 1 Tokyo Disneyland

It is now 10.42 pm and 6 degree celcius in Maihama. I had totally underestimated the weather here in Japan. I was not able to buy any winter coats in Kuala Lumpur (partly because I am picky, but hey! Who would want to settle down with a kid's winter coat attached with ribbons, right?), hence I decided to come to Tokyo with a thermal inner wear and a sweater. Upon arriving at Tokyo yesterday, it was 1 degree celcius. It was bearable for the first few minutes though. Almost instantly, I missed the hot and humid weather in Kuala Lumpur haha. FYI, I decided to upload more pictures for the following blog posts instead of having a photo-of-the-day.

The view from my room in Haneda this morning :)

Today, I wear 1 thermal inner wear, 2 sweaters, a scarf and a beanie (just like the picture below). I decided to upload this picture for a better depiction of the weather haha. Departed from Haneda at 11am this morning and headed to Disneyland. I would conclude that the most exciting moment for today is getting lost and the happiest moment is finding your way out :). I took the wrong train heading to the opposite direction and only to realize it after several stops away from where I departed haha. 

Upon reaching at Shinagawa Station to transfer to JR Line before heading to Maihama Station where Disneyland is located at, I went to buy a Pasmo Card (known as a TouchNGo in Malaysia). Making purchases have never been so fun, but it is in Japan due to the barrier of language xD. After several attempts and asking several people along the station, I finally got my Pasmo card! Here I have got a story to tell (haha); I was directed to get my Pasmo card at this number 1 ticket machine (picture below) and after pressing the "purchase a new Pasmo Card" button, the screen showed an error displaying "A station staff member is coming. Please wait for a moment." While waiting, suddenly a small window-like thingy opened near the machine (spot the black shade at the right side of the picture below where it is opened) and a staff appeared. He told me to wait as they are fixing the machine. I was plain shocked as I never expected for the existence of an office-like space behind these machines!

Reached Disneyland at around 1pm.

Then, headed for a buffet lunch in Disneyland. As usual, they have mickey-shaped food like the nugget on the top left. The Japanese curry is surprisingly good. Okay, it is either Malaysian cooked it the wrong way or the Japanese curry here is really good. I shall uncover more curry place around Tokyo after this! :D

I was very excited to explore Disneyland so I did not take much pictures but if you insist, here is one! LOL. Everyone camwhore when they are queuing for their ride to kill some time, right? :D

Just had my dinner and look what I found! Should I call this a Mickey-naruto?

Also, I have been trying out various candies from the convenient store. Loving Pure so far :D

Just done my mission and spotted a few hidden Mickey in my room(kind of cheated for the first hidden Mickey haha). Mmm, I am expecting more though. Shall try again tomorrow morning!

Konichiwa from Tokyo!

Konichiwa! I am now in Tokyo! hehe. I thought of blogging like the dayre-way for my Tokyo trip so here I am blogging now :) It will be just a simple post with a picture of the day.

Excuse me for the bad-quality picture above. I was half asleep and couldn't get the right setting for my camera, hence I took it with my smartphone instead. xD

I am finally able to blog! :) I had just completed my final exams yesterday. It was a joyful moment until I was hit by a bad headache. I had to sleep and then wake up to print my itinerary (still not done yet) and pack my bag >_<. 

Despite, I am really happy! Am finally visiting the country that I had always dream of going since I was a kid. :D Upon arriving Tokyo, I hopped in the train and walked to the hotel. Just grabbed a bowl of ramen and gyoza in a restaurant nearby the hotel. It is 12:13am (KL time) now. Goodnight! 


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fought and Flew.

The night before my flight I went to sleep with my mum I think I mumbled to her that I feel like eating crabs. There were all sorts of meeting and nowadays goodbye doesn't feel like goodbyes anymore. After the goodbye there is still hellos in facebook. It isn't that hard to stay in touch. All those meetings are more like 'see you soon' and you guys would miss me, yes. But I'm missing ALL of you. That might be harder.

Sry she wasnt suppose to tell lol. She was next to me when you guys texted her haha.
I would hug you when I come back @Chloe

Flying alone isn't weird at all. Another thing that is not weird is that what I always wish on the plane.

Not to sit in the middle and with hopes of hot guys that are nice next to me.

Yes I'm aware that becareful of what we wish for and all and how sometimes it wouldnt come true though. So the situation on the plane was, I had a middle seat, in between two really big guy haha whaddafuq. I said my hello and they responded with "aww, we were wishing you wouldn't show up!" Well fuck you hahahaha. Seats were tight and I had a second look on my 'flight buddies', on my left he look like those high school football(not soccer) bullies with squinty eyes and hands in the hoodie pocket - Devin Ratray while on my right look like Bruce Willis in his black leather jacket. I swear to God !

I just look like a tiny Asian sitting in between hehe. Some people could hardly sleep and I was also worry about that where I went to MPH to get a book. Seriously debating on the books that were on the list was those history books that might just put me to sleep. Halfway watching The Great Gatsby, I fell asleep. i had a decent 6 hours sleep till I finished up my movie and in total only I watched two movies on this 15hrs plane.

I was clearing customs with 7kg load on my back and 3 kg slinged. I have another 2 hour till I fly from Amsterdam to Florence.Its 8 and it is still dark out. I cringed up on the seat here started reading my book, after a few pages what running on my mind was I should have bring a bookmark, shit.

Reading always trigger me to blog sometimes. Especially reading in a quiet surroundings where it will make you think into deep thoughts. I think I'll be having those more often now that I'm alone. While on the plane I was wondering how would my mum be going back. All I know is that when she returned home she opened my car and took out the shoes and place it back into the shoe rack which I would do every 3 months or so.

I think I miss her already.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Privilege

In med school, I often read about and was told about how privilege we are as medical students and doctors to be, that our profession is noble. We are privilege to have the trust from patients as our title bears, give us the opportunity to examine the patient and take a history from them about their illness.

I never realize how special it was that until one day it knocked to my senses that no other profession besides us (or at least, we are the few) who could actually examine them, and to put it in another way, we are consider quite 'intimate' with the patient. Cause come on, which other profession requires you to reveal anything right? lol

Please don't get me wrong about the intimacy. I am just emphasizing on how much we as medical students/doctors are fortunate to be given such level of trust from patients. Which I thank the many patients I have examined :)

And then this knocked me yesterday night. I have a similar 'sort of' relationship with my brothers and sister in Christ.
The group that I grow up with in church, I have always wondered. I don't always hang out with you guys, yet you guys are the ones that still 'sayang', take care of me a lot.
You guys were the one I miss one of the most as I leave KL thinking that I won't see you all every week anymore.
I wondered why is that amongst the many many many close friends I have.

perhaps, I could say, this also applies to all my close friends that I met from camps and other churches.

I found out why.

Its because of Christ. Lol ok let me elaborate.
You see, we would not simply tell anyone our problems for nothing. Unless we just want to express it out, but it usually wont be in a big group but a few friends. I don't mean telling the whole church about it.
For most christian, when we face problems we often turn to at least one of our christian friends to tell them about it. Why? Because we want them to pray for us. This happens vice versa.

To share our problems to someone is opening up and this is what Jesus would want us to do.
Part of why there is church, why there is fellowship, cell group, prayer meeting.
To share our problems to someone is trusting that other person.

In my own cell group that I grow up with, we have a facebook page and whatsapp group that besides talking random stuff, we actually write testimonies and request for prayers when we are in some problems.
That's where I realize as brother and sister in Christ, we are so privilege too to have this trust amongst each other, to pray for each other, to come together in Christ and to strengthen each other.

Proverbs 27:17 (NIV)
As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 (NIV)
Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

We have developed this level of trust among us throughout the years of growing up together and I hope that each and every one of you realize how special this relationship actually is.

Seriously I thank God for you guys F5 CG 2009 (bamboos united? Heh) because I am so blessed by you all and thank you for everything, all the prayers and I love you!
and I love all the other close friends too from other churches.

of course, I am still very blessed with many non-christian friends that are so awesome as well and I love you guys too! :)

and to whoever that is reading, same goes to you and your church friends.
To non-believers, this is just what I realize form my own life. :)

Well the first photo way up is taken during 2009.
This is 2010. 

This is 2011 for you.

and lastly, 2013.

:) some people are missing here and there cause they are overseas and what not.


Saturday, January 4, 2014


How has your 2013 been? I really would like to give a #throwback to all the things that had happen throughout the year and it would make me smile of all the shits we went through and all the blessings that has happened. They would always say end your year with a bang. As if we are in control but I don't know about you, while ending my year I still have to take on some shits.

It was when I realize my future was suddenly stripped of from me where I planned. Where I stood in a path where I don't know and unsure where would it lead me anymore. I was sitting in front of the computer there after that trying to find solution and be optimistic about the shit. Right now I will know not to rely everything on others even if you are paying them.

Instead of people putting you in shits, I will think that I will not feel as devastated if I put myself in shit.
#quoteforlife ! LOL

I previously was doing resolutions for every year (for 4 years actually) it was going on okay well. This year when I was thinking what should I do for my resolution I didn't know how. I've grown so much where resolution seems to be so hard to control over at this moment. /this moment at least./

What matters now is don't ever play the victim(even if you are) in a negative occurrence. Always endure through tough times and keep this in mind at least

"Dont worry, everything will be fine."

This is a simple line even your fake friends would know how to say, but dig deeper into that meaning. It is true. Yes it might take sometime but again ... everything will be fine :) So suck up your mucus and say "everything will be fine."
Find every positive part in the situations you get yourself into. Whether is good or bad, it will happen for a reason.

I remember few days before Christmas 2013 I was telling my friend who I just met few months back, about the things that screwed up. He just lowered his voice and said "Okay.. but I always believe things happen for a reason so don't worry about it" I agree with what he said so much that I just needed someone to tell me that verbally and I realize those are also support I needed.

He later then gave me something super sweet that no guy or girl friends gave me. He gave me a notebook.

"... if you ever miss us turn to the last page of the book"

There it was, people who are dearly to me and made a big part of 2013. At that point Christmas was filled with so much joy and -almost- tears. The guy who gave me is a muslim and hey, I'm a buddhist(or wadever). #thatshowweroll 

Hehe sry, been mocking with hashtags recently. If you always wanted something happen in your life, be a little adventurous I guess. Right now the uncertainty in my life is also something I hold interest in. What's life has got for me. I can't wait to see what am I getting myself into. This leads me into typing this blog post knowing I'm getting myself into something, the leap of life. (as of now haha)

I'm going Italy in 6 days, I've yet to pack, get bank draft(which I found out that I need to do that yesterday night), partial documents for student visa, student visa, offer letter, school as a matter of fact nor my official flight ticket really.

How can I even tell people I'm going to Italy haha but when I'm determine with something I would do it. Yes I'm going to Italy with nothing prepare at this point. Also I can assure you "I'll be fine.. " lol

I came to a point even where you prepare everything. things are bound to screw up somewhere. Fate is completely out of our hands, we should never be fear of that. So why bother controlling over it. Just do whatever things that you know and you can, stand back and you would be discovering how interesting your life can be happening.

This year's resolution shouldn't be like a bucket list or achieving a target for now. Instead

- Be safe
- Be independent
- Be open
- Be smart
- Be optimistic also realistic in some stuff

and Believe.