Friday, December 13, 2013

Occasional Rendezvous 001 - Steamboat and Coffee

Did you see each other today?
- Yeap! 

- Sigh yes.

- Yeaa.

What did y’all do together?

- We ate dinner together and had coffee and cake together. Casual meetups.

- We decided to have steamboat since we all love it. So i brought them to Dragon door steamboat. We then decided to go for coffee as well.

- Yi Ru had cravings for steamboat so we went for steamboat. I was craving for Japanese food though. 

Did anything interesting happen?

- Well, there were a few things. We went hunting for a coffee which is located at an odd place. When we finally found it, it was close. Bummer. Then we went to another one nearby and the coffee there suck. Yi Ru prepared to leave to hunt for another shop so I finished my cup of mocha in 5 minutes LOL! Hot mocha , HOT HOT mocha. Oh my throat.

- Ridiculously was "lets go somewhere near for coffee" end up we were in ss17 and I said Damansara was too far for coffee. wtf. We wanted to go butter+beans which is located at an odd place. So we settle in an coffee shop there. It was so bad but that place had alot people talking about it. Chloe backfires "..for what" lol! Also, we were in Kaffa when we almost made 'acquaintance' with the guys next table. I think they would think that I have a dirty mind because Erica was suppose to plug the charger underneath the seat and the guy wasn't helping. I quoted, "the scene would be very wrong if she go down" 

- Ca and I thought that it will be hot since we are going to have steamboat so we wore a casual tee and a pair of shorts. Upon reaching the restaurant Yi Ru instructed, it was air-conditioned haha. Luckily, it was ok-temperature xD. After dinner, we went for coffee hunt (took a few 'minor' wrong routes before we arrive). I thought the coffee place was quite different as it was located below the apartments in SS17. The first coffee place we intended to go closes at around 8pm so we went to a nearby one named 'MM Cafe'. As usual, I got Hot Chocolate. It was slightly sweeter than Milo and Erica got Latte which tasted a little like Milo haha. Yi Ru, on the other hand, being a professional in coffee observed the thickness of the foam, felt the temperature and gave her professional verdict haha. Apparently, MM Cafe is quite good (based on foursquare) but nahh. 

Darren, we have you surrounded ;/
Thats Darren's Cheesecake, their latte was great, milky and sweet (without adding sugar)
I forgot their beans used that day, should have asked.
Chloe having their hot chocolate.

Did you learn anything new about each other?

- Think I will talk about Yi Ru today instead. This has a tie to the previous question.
I just got to know that Yi Ru is leaving for Italy really soon. Probably another few weeks more only.

- Chloe wants to wear jeans on her wedding. and they are scare of grass.

- While heading to the dinner place with Erica, I was telling her "I hope Yi Ru leaves Malaysia asap." Later at dinner, Yi Ru told us that she is leaving in 3 weeks time. Instantly, I miss her. She was right in front of me but it feels so far lol (kind of exaggerated but yea, I was not ready to accept it). Last but not least, Yi Ru wants a black dress and a black diamond ring for her wedding. 

Did you learn anything new about yourself?

- I like the Kaffa cheese cake we tried. HAHA.. and that I am in shock that Yi Ru is leaving so soon. 

- YOURSELF LAH ^ !! That I'm not scare of grass #grins. My knowledge for coffee has grown! Plus I realize I would really like to get to know more strangers in coffee shops. I hope this culture grow within KL and going coffee shop is not just because its mainstream. 

- Yi Ru talked about plan B in life. And, I don't have one. This keeps me pondering. 

Is there anything that you want to do differently?

- If only I had known earlier then I probably spend more time with her before I won't see her for another *unknown number* of years. SO CHEESY HEH!

- I would have ordered more lamb slices for the steamboat probably. We had alot of awkward silences in between but I hope I can be open with them more often really.

We also should have took more pictures though its weird for us to do that at least. 

Wear nicer? But I was just done with exam and was too tired to think of what to wear..mehhh. Besides that, nothing much haha. I enjoyed hanging out with them <3 *winks

vroom -.-

Big head should never hold the camera.

Additional comments?
- I guess this is like a confession time. When she told me she was leaving so soon, I put on a poker face. As if I was calm that its okay. Actually, no matter how disgusting this is going to sound, I was actually shock that it was so soon. I got a bit upset that I only left that little time to see her and I am slightly powerless to see her more than I think I should. But I am also happy for her that she finally get to go the place that she wanted to study since long ago. So YAYERS! 

- It feels kinda empty even after the meeting or still numbing. Maybe because there were still alot for me to think about as of now. Still I'm glad to see them after so many months and more months to come as I just told them I'm going to Italy. 

- I will be all alone in KL when Erica is back in Johor while Yi Ru flies to Italy. sighs :') 

These questions were adapted and tweaked slightly from this website where we all find interesting.


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