Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dip Dye Your Own Shorts!

I think I have t say I am busy whether I have holidays or not lols! I am so often out that I come back exhausted. Meeting up with people and what not.

Anyways for today, I just want to share something I tried during this holidays. 
Been wanting to do this for quite sometime but did not have the chance. I got inspired, 'taught' by my friend Pei Nee! :)

I dip dyed my pants pink! I always wanted to get a dip dye shorts but then I found out if I can do it myself, why not give it a try? So here it is, how I did it!

Lets begin!

So first get a shorts that you want to sacrifice, ok no I mean you want to dye.

Choose the colour you want it to be dyed. You can get the fabric dye at any art shop.
I got mine at the art shop in The Gardens. They have a range of colours you can choose from.
I chose my favourite colour pink!

I can't remember the price but if not mistaken is around RM 11.90

There are instructions at the back of the dye but its more for dying the whole piece of fabric and not dip dyeing.

First, you damped your shorts. Soak it in water or anything to get it damp first.

Then you have to prepare 5 tablespoon of salt, and a pail of hot water mix with warm.

I just turn the hot water from my shower place to maximum heat and fill the pail.
The resulting temperature I got was slightly hotter than warm.

Then you add the salt into the pail,

 and then add the dye.
It looks really pretty went I poured it in! Too bad the pail was red so you can't really see it from here.

Stir the mixture until you think its enough and then, insert pants!

So how I did the gradient?
I insert my pants till the level which I want the pink to be, and then leave it for say 10 secs, pull up an inch or so and leave it for another 10 secs and so on.
Once I reach almost the bottom, I leave it there to soak for 15 minutes because I want the bottom part to have the darkest shade of pink.

Yes I am wearing gloves. Don't want to dye my fingers!

You can improvise on that on yourself to create the effect you want on your pants.

Stir in on and off when soaking because some dye might not be mix properly during the first time we stir it. It might cause stains here and there that will ruin the pattern you want your pants to be.

So this was after 15 minutes before I rinse it :)

After 15 minutes, rinse the pants with warm water for a few times. I rinse it around 5times.
It is not necessary to rinse till the colour does not come out anymore.
Let it dry!

and you could wear it after letting it dry but I opt to wash it cleaner for the last time and it turned out okay!
The outcome is shown at the first and second picture up there when the shorts are totally dried!
So voila! Your very own dip dye shorts! :) You can use the same method to dip dye your other stuffs too like shirts jackets and shoes.
Enjoy and give it a try!

Lastly, Merry Christmas! :)



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