Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Best Thing That Ever Happen in My Life.

Hellooooo there!! After almost a month of missing in action I am back!
Back from the brutal battlefield of OSCE this year :( It was just so bad. I do have a few blog topics I want to write about but I will just start with this :) 

In one's lifetime there are many ups and downs, good things that happen and bad things as well.
Amongst the good things there are quite a few that one would call it the best memories.

This thought came to me and I was running through my memories and life events to think, what is the best thing that ever happen to me?

and I came out with this, The BEST thing that ever happen in my life is accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior.
I am so thankful that I was born in a Christian family. That itself does not make me a Christian by birth.
But it is through many life events that had brought me to this conclusion.
You can say I accepted Christ when I was a kid, where I truly see God working even I was just a child.

I went through certain stuff when I was young which no one at my age could understand what I was going through (I mean some friends of mine, I believe there are other people who goes through worse)
There was no one that I could actually talk to that would actually value or understand what I was going through. Neither did I truly understand what I was facing.

I thank God for being there for me throughout, through thick and thin, through whatever happens, whether I am doing wrong or not, He was there. He is there. He will be there.
I always feel very thankful everyday that I have God, Jesus my friend, who I can rely on at anytime.
Unconditionally loving me, caring for me, plan out the best for me and I can just cast all worries to Him. 
Whenever I am distress or frustrated, all I need to do is just pray.

and He is the same to everyone, regardless :)

So I really am very grateful everyday and to me I would think this is the best thing that ever happen to me in my life, and it will be always.

What about you? What is the best thing that happen in YOUR life? :)

Felt that this picture had a lot of feel to it cause of the view hahaha. Totally unrelated to the title of the post.



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