Thursday, November 21, 2013

Life of a Medical Student Thus Far.

My views regarding med school has been changing ever since I step into the world of even applying for it. I think I have never had so many different thoughts about my place of study before med school.

Med school always has myths about it and some which I found is true along the way and some which is totally made up because other fields stereotypes us like how we stereotype other schools too. :) Some myths which I clarify in one post before this.

Anyways before entering med, all I knew about it was med school is made up of words like nerds, very difficult, study like crap, people experience anxiety, suicide and depression, very stressful and what not. Practically many negative things about it despite the positive few things like its an honourable job.

I was terrified by all those but I got myself into it anyways lololololol.

So in year 1, where we learn all the basics and a little of muscoloskeletal systems (your bones and senses) where it all didn't make much sense to me. It didn't all feel that bad.

Then came year 2 where we touch on every single system we have in our body. It was difficult but it still didn't make much sense to me (maybe is me who was the only one who can't make sense out of it) but I thought I knew something.

It is not till when I reach year 3, where everything really starts to make sense. Like it was as though my eyes were open to see the world of medical field. I see how much this profession means and how different it was from other jobs. Ultimately it wasn't a job for joke, everything was too serious for a joke. It's each person lives that is in your hands.

and as medical students itself only, we are given so much privilege to have this special relationship with patients. People want us to grow as good doctors, and are willing to let us learn from them, give us the special advantage to examine them so that we learn.

Really, you would have to be in my shoes to understand what I am trying to say.
and no doubt, med school gives me great amount of anxiety, perhaps depression sometimes because of the many times I feel extremely stupid and useless, and also almost scared the shit out of myself for exam.

Practical exams are so scary that I almost feel nothing for paper exams anymore.
But yeap, despite feeling completely awful sometimes I also realize how noble this job is.
I will see if I have any change of views when I finish year 4...and this post shall have a part 2 or 3 or 4
to it :)

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