Thursday, November 21, 2013


I might be a little stressed now since I have homeworks here still piling up, but maybe not. I first discovered English when I was five. Since I am the first child at home, Mum will always get me new educational English tapes that taught ABC, objects, numbers, colours, animals etc. English back then, was something to show off (how ironic). I repeatedly watch the tapes merely because it was entertaining since it teaches arts, drawings and games too! haha I knew the names, colours and shapes of the objects around me but I can't speak. I remembered writing 'I ONE apple', mistakenly thinking that 'one' is 'want' which Uncle Kelvin then corrected me. Uncle Kelvin is a distant-relative, a Kiwi (New Zealand citizen), whom I happened to hang out with during summer break in New Zealand when I was six. I enjoyed going to his house where he will introduce me to board games and play with me. Until now, I am still bewildered on how we communicated since I can't speak English. 

Back in Malaysia, I was sent to a Chinese school for two years before transferring to a private school (supposedly an English-speaking school but my batch happened to speak Cantonese lol). In a private school, teachers spoke English and it took me for a few months before I actually understood her. They also taught us with Singapore English workbook but my English did not improve. I actually graduated from Primary 6 not being able to speak decent English. 

It was until Form 2 (second year of secondary school) that I began to serious study and learn English with the help of my friends. So I started by picking up a few novels. Equiped with dictionary and yellow highlighter, I highlighted all the unknown words and look up the meaning from the dictionary. I enjoyed idioms especially and each time I learn a new word, I will make sentences out of it and apply it in my essays. Thus, I started to write better. Actually, my writing is real poor now. Since after graduating from secondary school, I spent lesser and lesser time writing. I really miss writing now and that is what brought me here blogging haha. 

One day when I was reading a book, I came across this quote by Epictetus; if you wish to be a writer, write. So, I will just write and slowly improve along the way. Keep calm and write on haha! :) 



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