Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Random Happy Day #1

Life has been kind of hectic lately despite that I actually have rooms for blogging. Besides helping out and working on TEDxYouth@KL, I was tied down with four assignments which I need constant reading. At leisure, I will read light novel and watch anime. Just FYI, I have not watch anime since 13 and the last novel I read was (if not mistakenly) "P.S. I Love You" and that was six years back! 

Anyway, I am feeling really happy now so I just thought that I should blog to remember today. Mmm, I don't know how should I start this so I will just write it in point-form. :)

1. Met a friend whom I shared the same interest with.

2. The ending song of an anime that I am watching now was leaked before the release date. I should feel sad for the company but ohwells, I get to listen to the full song earlier! :3

3. Blessed to have awesome teammates in TEDxYouth@KL whom I have a strong bonding with. Working will not be fun without them. 

4. A supportive boyfriend who encourages me to pursue my dream.

5. Discovered a yummilicous Chocolate Durian cake.

PS: I named this post "A Random Happy Day #1" with numbering because I think there will be more random happy days in the near future. haha


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