Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Healthy Snack

I know most of us love to snack. Whenever we feel slightly hungry or just our mouth being itchy we feel like eating something but we don't want to eat something heavy.
Snacks that most of us resort to are usually unhealthy.

I am quite sure people have googled the many choices of healthy snacks we can eat on.
For me, I like nuts, so this is my version of healthy snack.
This is for people who likes nuts and fruits like me.

First! Go to the supermarket! Haha, buy your nuts and fruits.
I really suggest that you buy those that you see in transparent containers (in Malaysia). Those are the ones without salt nor oil they are just the nuts themselves.
If you think that they are costly I would say otherwise because the total up of the price is cheaper than buying packets of mix nuts itself which are small doesn't last us very long.
Mixing it yourselves would amount up to a big box of nuts and fruits.
Depending on your speed of snacking, the box usually last me for a few months.

As for the fruits, buy the dried fruit packets that you find in supermarket. Keep in mind to check the ingredients and nutrition table.
Make sure their sugar content is not too high (if there is none even better) or if their is no preservative, that makes an even better choice if you could find. Find the most healthy pack you could find there with no salt/sugar added in the packet. If you can't then find the one with the lowest level of salt/sugar :)


Sorry for the blur picture. I just realized its blur. I was rushing to take the picture cause I wasn't doing this myself. So I didn't want to make my friends wait.

ANYWAYS! So you can choose any nuts basically. Whichever you like.
For my choice I chose pumpkin nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and sunflower seeds to start off.
I think I might want to add walnut to it the next time.


So this is my choice of fruits. As you can see from the picture, dried mango, raisins (they are of different colour!! Yay! hahaha) and cranberries.
Cranberries are good for girls!


OK BASICALLY, before we did what we did in the picture, we actually roasted the nuts in the oven.
I didn't take a picture of that as well because you know, I am doing it with friends.
Roast it to your liking, how long you want, how roasted you want it to be.

Roasting makes the nuts much much tastier than it already is SO please roast it its really nice!!! 
(getting really excited over the roasting part LOL)
You just pour out the nuts and put it in the oven for however long you want :)
No oil no anything.

Then you put them in a air tight container, and then you cut the fruits into small pieces to put in together with the box.


Pour everything in! See the roasted colour of the sunflower seeds which is most obvious.
The box in the pictures are not air tight. It was just for temporary because I hadn't gotten one yet.
Get an air tight container so that you could keep the nuts for a longer time without air entering and spoiling them :)


Then TADA!! mixed and ready to eat!

Eating nuts and fruits is a very healthy snack and nutrition (all which I don't remember please google hahahahahahahha)
The only one I remember is pumpkin nuts boost your I munch on them like crazy when I am studying in hope that I remember more LOL.
But yes, is low on fat, healthy, and makes a very tasty and awesome snack!!!
So try it out!

Want to give a shout out to Terry, Terrence Chiew, for teaching me how to make this awesome snack!
It is very simple of course like DUHH, just that he added the roasting part which totally change my views and liking to this snack.
Thanks Terry!


Thursday, November 21, 2013


I might be a little stressed now since I have homeworks here still piling up, but maybe not. I first discovered English when I was five. Since I am the first child at home, Mum will always get me new educational English tapes that taught ABC, objects, numbers, colours, animals etc. English back then, was something to show off (how ironic). I repeatedly watch the tapes merely because it was entertaining since it teaches arts, drawings and games too! haha I knew the names, colours and shapes of the objects around me but I can't speak. I remembered writing 'I ONE apple', mistakenly thinking that 'one' is 'want' which Uncle Kelvin then corrected me. Uncle Kelvin is a distant-relative, a Kiwi (New Zealand citizen), whom I happened to hang out with during summer break in New Zealand when I was six. I enjoyed going to his house where he will introduce me to board games and play with me. Until now, I am still bewildered on how we communicated since I can't speak English. 

Back in Malaysia, I was sent to a Chinese school for two years before transferring to a private school (supposedly an English-speaking school but my batch happened to speak Cantonese lol). In a private school, teachers spoke English and it took me for a few months before I actually understood her. They also taught us with Singapore English workbook but my English did not improve. I actually graduated from Primary 6 not being able to speak decent English. 

It was until Form 2 (second year of secondary school) that I began to serious study and learn English with the help of my friends. So I started by picking up a few novels. Equiped with dictionary and yellow highlighter, I highlighted all the unknown words and look up the meaning from the dictionary. I enjoyed idioms especially and each time I learn a new word, I will make sentences out of it and apply it in my essays. Thus, I started to write better. Actually, my writing is real poor now. Since after graduating from secondary school, I spent lesser and lesser time writing. I really miss writing now and that is what brought me here blogging haha. 

One day when I was reading a book, I came across this quote by Epictetus; if you wish to be a writer, write. So, I will just write and slowly improve along the way. Keep calm and write on haha! :) 


Life of a Medical Student Thus Far.

My views regarding med school has been changing ever since I step into the world of even applying for it. I think I have never had so many different thoughts about my place of study before med school.

Med school always has myths about it and some which I found is true along the way and some which is totally made up because other fields stereotypes us like how we stereotype other schools too. :) Some myths which I clarify in one post before this.

Anyways before entering med, all I knew about it was med school is made up of words like nerds, very difficult, study like crap, people experience anxiety, suicide and depression, very stressful and what not. Practically many negative things about it despite the positive few things like its an honourable job.

I was terrified by all those but I got myself into it anyways lololololol.

So in year 1, where we learn all the basics and a little of muscoloskeletal systems (your bones and senses) where it all didn't make much sense to me. It didn't all feel that bad.

Then came year 2 where we touch on every single system we have in our body. It was difficult but it still didn't make much sense to me (maybe is me who was the only one who can't make sense out of it) but I thought I knew something.

It is not till when I reach year 3, where everything really starts to make sense. Like it was as though my eyes were open to see the world of medical field. I see how much this profession means and how different it was from other jobs. Ultimately it wasn't a job for joke, everything was too serious for a joke. It's each person lives that is in your hands.

and as medical students itself only, we are given so much privilege to have this special relationship with patients. People want us to grow as good doctors, and are willing to let us learn from them, give us the special advantage to examine them so that we learn.

Really, you would have to be in my shoes to understand what I am trying to say.
and no doubt, med school gives me great amount of anxiety, perhaps depression sometimes because of the many times I feel extremely stupid and useless, and also almost scared the shit out of myself for exam.

Practical exams are so scary that I almost feel nothing for paper exams anymore.
But yeap, despite feeling completely awful sometimes I also realize how noble this job is.
I will see if I have any change of views when I finish year 4...and this post shall have a part 2 or 3 or 4
to it :)

Photo from google :)


A Random Happy Day #1

Life has been kind of hectic lately despite that I actually have rooms for blogging. Besides helping out and working on TEDxYouth@KL, I was tied down with four assignments which I need constant reading. At leisure, I will read light novel and watch anime. Just FYI, I have not watch anime since 13 and the last novel I read was (if not mistakenly) "P.S. I Love You" and that was six years back! 

Anyway, I am feeling really happy now so I just thought that I should blog to remember today. Mmm, I don't know how should I start this so I will just write it in point-form. :)

1. Met a friend whom I shared the same interest with.

2. The ending song of an anime that I am watching now was leaked before the release date. I should feel sad for the company but ohwells, I get to listen to the full song earlier! :3

3. Blessed to have awesome teammates in TEDxYouth@KL whom I have a strong bonding with. Working will not be fun without them. 

4. A supportive boyfriend who encourages me to pursue my dream.

5. Discovered a yummilicous Chocolate Durian cake.

PS: I named this post "A Random Happy Day #1" with numbering because I think there will be more random happy days in the near future. haha

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Best Thing That Ever Happen in My Life.

Hellooooo there!! After almost a month of missing in action I am back!
Back from the brutal battlefield of OSCE this year :( It was just so bad. I do have a few blog topics I want to write about but I will just start with this :) 

In one's lifetime there are many ups and downs, good things that happen and bad things as well.
Amongst the good things there are quite a few that one would call it the best memories.

This thought came to me and I was running through my memories and life events to think, what is the best thing that ever happen to me?

and I came out with this, The BEST thing that ever happen in my life is accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior.
I am so thankful that I was born in a Christian family. That itself does not make me a Christian by birth.
But it is through many life events that had brought me to this conclusion.
You can say I accepted Christ when I was a kid, where I truly see God working even I was just a child.

I went through certain stuff when I was young which no one at my age could understand what I was going through (I mean some friends of mine, I believe there are other people who goes through worse)
There was no one that I could actually talk to that would actually value or understand what I was going through. Neither did I truly understand what I was facing.

I thank God for being there for me throughout, through thick and thin, through whatever happens, whether I am doing wrong or not, He was there. He is there. He will be there.
I always feel very thankful everyday that I have God, Jesus my friend, who I can rely on at anytime.
Unconditionally loving me, caring for me, plan out the best for me and I can just cast all worries to Him. 
Whenever I am distress or frustrated, all I need to do is just pray.

and He is the same to everyone, regardless :)

So I really am very grateful everyday and to me I would think this is the best thing that ever happen to me in my life, and it will be always.

What about you? What is the best thing that happen in YOUR life? :)

Felt that this picture had a lot of feel to it cause of the view hahaha. Totally unrelated to the title of the post.