Thursday, October 10, 2013

What I ate Wednesday :12 minutes French Toast

Organic jam //gg turns out to be cheaper than other jams.
So chio my french toasts ;D
I was suppose to blog earlier in the day like right after my meal before I head to work. Turns out I fell asleep on the couch. So stupid, this job would make me want to sleep like 12 hrs instead of my usual 6 hours. Super tiring.

I was eager to wake up for breakfast today, as I bought wholemeal bread with flaxseed the other day. Today finally had time to do something to it. Still, I'm pumped up but lazy to cook long. 

After this job I have left over veggies in fridge still wtf.! 

12minutes awesome breakfast lololol. So pretty and fast just the way I like lah. 

Wholemeal french toast with syrup and strawberrieess! 

2 slice of wholemeal bread!
2 whole eggs
1 tbsp of oil/butter
Pinch of salt(optional but shud be nice)

3 fresh strawberries for awesome-ness
Honey/maple syrup
Icing sugar (for presentation, so happen to have some leftover)

Super easy, plus look so good and easy! Left over egg mix i just heat it over the pan. 

I miss making my own simple food. After making my breakfast i slept another two hours on the couch and its time for lunch -____- stupid. Though I feel sick kicking in. So this is really all I ate for wednesday. But I drank alot of screwdrivers hahaha.
Without alcohol lah(meaning lemon and orange only) 

Bottled them up

Some herbal drinks from my mum. Should be shared with my brothers, but fk lah. I need it more lolol. #selfish 



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