Thursday, October 24, 2013

Garage 51 x Coffee Societe

Was at Coffee Societe when we found out about their new opening in bandar Sunway from Kevin their barista. They are doing this sister company sort of so Garage 51 is under Coffee Societe. 

Been there awhile back and this place they are nested in would be hard to find if I only have their address. Thankfully I asked a friend of mine roughly where is this which is near Sunway University. Its tucked among the automotive repair workshops hence the name I guess. I find it really clever to have find a spot like this. Apart from complaining bout parking is hard then I give up since bangsar, ss15 and all is as bad as it is also.

So voluminous ;/

I find this type of shoplots are specially interesting and I really appreciate the use of double volume ceilings! I got to know that their furnitures and bar table and stuff are from themselves. Garage 51 design is all about revamping recycled materials. The use of their intermodal container is clever for their kitchen place. This time their kitchen is an open kitchen. I'm not sure about how sustainable they are, but being a corner lot I specially like how they are getting sun into the place!

Did abit of OOTD behind the alley among the workshops with this vainpot.

Every visit isn't finish without taking a trip to the washroom! Which is weird ;/ //super// It was when I took off my pants where I find it awkward, they had this SUPER big piece, to-floor type of mirror. So I check myself out as I pee, I think thats the idea. Pharking awkward for guys I thought hahaha. Still I like mirrors, whatever happens in the toilet, stays there!

Ripped boots . Leggings . Fringed-Tee

After running around the area our food and drinks arrived! From the info I got is beans in Coffee Societe are roasted in Malaysia by the company Coffex though I don't know what blend it is. They ordered their caffe latte and espresso. I always have my americano at their place, so I tried short mac(means short macchiato, espresso with a small dollop of foam).

It was the worst. Its like a screwed up shot.really. 

Good foam. 

Our faces just cringed up and agree that its a badly pulled shot. I sighed and ate my food lol. hahaha Their latte was good, I do know that their baristas are really good with latte art which is really really nice! They can get girls screaming over their latte art. So my friend decided the espresso he ordered to have it at the end of the meal. We know Kevin from Coffee Societe and he was there at Garage 51 that day. Someone who ordered an espresso means something and we kinda looked over their bar and they were taking sometime to fix a shot for my friend(as they know my friend is a barista himself). We saw him testing a shot or two before serving us.. Crap weii... his espresso is good lahhh.. wth. I then tasted his espresso I was like wtf, how is this different from mine!

Later we asked and found out a newbie pulled my shot. phark. =__= ok nvm my luck.

Avocado , Tomatoes credits to mother nature
Breads and bagels
Only thing cook here are their eggs! Decent wholesome food still.

We each ordered food and their menu here are much simpler. As I run around Garage 51 I had a chance to talk to their kitchen manager :3 seems that kitchen there are abit smaller and not enough staff as well. Whatever they are serving isn't rocket science but what I appreciate about it is that they serve it fresh and cooked as we order not like some coffee shops where either they heat it back up or prepare earlier (I'm not talking about cakes and all, like sandwiches and stuff like that)

Had this picture laying around. So this is poached eggs at Coffee Societe which is good.
I don't complain about their food as I like whole food ;D There, they serve lamb and grilled chicken as well.
Oh and the waiter there is soooo nice ^_^ *blush haha I didn't get his name
I don't know how to describe him in a non racist way but he is the black guy there ;/ #thumbsup for remembering me. :')

Garage 51
51, Jalan Pjs 11/9,
Bandar Sunway, 46150

Operating hrs. 11:00 am - 11:00 pm. (Closed on Mondays)

Coffee Societe
Publika, 3A, Level G3 Block D4,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas, 50480,
Kuala Lumpur.

PS: Coffee Societe is up for Timeout KL food awards! Vote for them if you think they have the best coffee place!


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