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Coffea Coffee - Shortlisted for Timeout KL

I feel that I should blog about this since I know quite alot about Coffea Coffee. Since they have 3 outlets which is at Bangsar, SS15, and also the new upcoming one at Sunway Pyramid! (Located near the Lagoon entrance Starbucks). Coffea Coffee is from Korea and is no stranger in Korea as they already have 67 branches there while the one in Bangsar KL is the first franchisee in Malaysia.

They have two house blend or flavours I'd like to simplify it. Maestro and Madonna. After understanding their characteristics, customers can really recognize them and would let us know if the coffee is being funky as their both character are different. Sometimes customers stand in line with their mouth open catching flies while choosing between both blend, I would just tell them take it the way like Maestro is a guy and Madonna is a girl, haha they would smile and say alright why not.

Their beans are blended and roasted in Korea which is then shipped to Malaysia. Recently I've got to know so many coffee terms I can feel like I can be a coffee geek maybe maybe. So Coffea Coffee is doing full city roast instead of mainstream 'green-mermaid' dark roast where bad americanos are made (what I've been told of). Also because full city roasting is where the 'crema'(the layer of "oil" on top of your long black/espresso/americano and the consistent color of the latte sides) is.

If you notice like most coffee shops, their coffee machines wont be facing the customers.
Instead in Coffea Coffee their machines are facing the customers which also let the customers see how is the barista doing their job and also featuring this expensive big guy La Marzocco GB15.

Cup of Excellence.

See what I told you about geeking on coffee ;/

Coffea Coffee is a coffee place that serves quite a number of single origins and you can find it at any day instead of other place where they change monthly maybe. Unless sold out that is. Also Coffea Coffee is a bidder for the top of the beans auction for Honduras and Rwanda beans! *Certificate to prove as well there is*

Drip coffee are provided here price from Rm11 to Rm20 before tax that is. There are different extracting method or brewing method? In Coffea they offer Clever dripper by Kalita and Aeropress. They quality control really strongly about their coffee, I know, because there is almost 4 times and 1 test excluding 3 blind test of coffee tasting from the directors and managers in Coffea.

Blind test. This is only sipping 15 cups of coffee.

Apart from that Coffea Coffee being a new coffee place in Bangsar is now in the running for the best place for coffee for Timeout KL. VOTE HERE.

I can tell you that although this coffee place some people comes in shouting their demand for the famous Peanut Butter latte and you should see their face when the other day we sold out our Peanut Butter Latte. There was jumping asking why, frowning and it lasted for two days until we get our stocks from Korea ;)

The other day this scenario happened. "Hi ;DD your peanut butter latte is available" to our usuals. They were like, REALLLYYY?? ICE PLEASE. She finished two within an hour. I don't really get the craze. I'm not a latte fan myself but our Caffe Latte has that really attractive aroma, no joke.

Cakes serve with coffee or any other drinks are better to be ordered in pair or for your own liking really. Lemon Cheese Cake and Americano goes so well together! The other day I was curious about the cakes and he seems to be a friend of our boss. So I asked, it seems that if you know Tray Cafe in Plaza Damas one of their baker of you can say Tray Cafe is the one supplying cake for Coffea Coffee! Got me so excited because I love Tray's artisan cakes so much, but I only been there couple of times because its quite far and they don't open late. Now I get to enjoy their cakes within reach ! hehehe. But I still want to visit them real soon!

heh heh! xD Such happy kid ;/

The interior
In my view I have not forgotten where I came from of course haha. Their interior of the coffee place is so raw and sustainable that is of course what I feel is trending in KL now as well. All the furnitures and interior are provided by Coffea Coffee team as well really. Alot of the customers are fascinated with the wooden feature wall where one of the Korean director went to Indonesia and asked the workers to chopped down a wooden sampan(boat?) that is then converted into a standardized raw looking wooden panel! Even the wood on the bar and tables are using solid indonesia java wood.

I went to the branch at SS15, they have double storey which had a vertical garden as their facade as well as beaming sunlight that passes through the second floor and toilet creating the attic feel of it. Thank God for their high ceiling there actually if not the place is awfully tight in my sense. Though their interior is really interesting to look at being consistent throughout both branch and also the upcoming one. Good job!

See 'By Timothy' ? He is a barista champion over a few years even ;)

I feel its so nice that their leveling flying out towards the walking pathway. So cool *.*

Above is the one in Bangsar

The ray casted on the second floor of SS15 branch. //Chilling.

I've been really lucky to get the insight about Coffea Coffee as their are such an awesome team that create not only the environment also awesome coffee, not to mention good connection that has good cakes to go with coffee! hehe, its hard trying not to be bias. ;/

Coffea Coffee,
No 8, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar, 59000 KL, Malaysia
03-2201 3338
Mon - Sun : 9:00 am - 12:00 am
Fri - Sat (and also on eve's) : 9:00 am - 2:00 am

Remember to Vote for Coffea Coffee if you think that its the best place for coffee ! :D
Category 12! 


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