Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Quick Update of The Life of a Mediocre Student

Somehow, the title sounds cheesy haha. Anyway,  I planned to take some time off to blog a bit since it has been a month or so since I last blogged. I don't have any thoughts to share at the moment so I guess I will just blog about what I have been up to. Beware, this is going to be boring :/.

I was a participant in Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) by McKinsey. I actually came across it last year when a friend and a senior of mine strongly recommend the program. YLA is  a 12-week project-based, leadership development program designed for local university students. The program revolves around 2 workshops, a project, and a unique mentoring program aiming to teach leadership by actually working in teams to achieve a common goal. My team consists of 5 members and we run a project entitled "Book For Change"  which aims to help identify Teach For Malaysia Fellows in rural and high-need schools by providing them with teaching and classroom materials. Funds are generated through the sale of donated books on YLA had just recently ended but my team planned to extend this project. The websites and FB page are still on the process of improvement. :) 

At present, I am also helping with the organizing team of TEDxYouth@KL. Our theme for this year is From Ideas to Impact; Innovation is not a single event or activity. It is a process – a process of generating ideas, day after day. It will be happening on 16 November 2013 at Penthouse @ The Icon, Lot E-21-01, Penthouse Floor, THE ICON. I am taking charge of the Marketing Department with Mandy and Liam where we plan for the marketing materials and postings around Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Besides these two projects, classes in Uni are resumed! It has been exciting and scary at the same time since the syllabus is much harder :/. I had gotten rusty with the finance and economics terms so I am trying hard to brush up by reading news about it. I am sure that you have come across the government shutdown in the United States. That is by far the most interesting news! If you would like to know about it at a glance, read this :)

Before I sign off, I would like to end the post with a quote. I have the habit of reading online articles and blogs during my leisure time. When I was doing my reading as usual, I saw this quote:

“We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane.”
― Kurt VonnegutBreakfast of Champions
What do you think about it? 

YiruChloe asked me about this post and I was so curious about this quote from Kurt Vonnegut. I was searching through the web about its definition or does anyone has a longer description on it. I wanted to understand more of this quote though I was finally concluded about it was 

"We are only happy and blissful when we are caring or doing a little more for others. 

Its normal that Chloe wanted to post about this. She's the pedo one.  



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