Monday, September 9, 2013

The 'Unexpected' Trip

El Sanctuary :)

I want to start this post off with saying, this trip of mine was totally God-planned and is really 'unexpected' in a way.

My church cell group, Passion Alive, had organised this weekend getaway on the 7th of Sept to the 8th of Sept since probably more than a month ago?
At the first sight of being invited to the event I had no thoughts of going at all since I am in JB and it would be hard for me to join and stuff.

Till that one day when one of my friends, Shi Hao, during church, decided to persuade me to go.
He was giving me ideas how I could make it there myself perhaps like taking a bus there and asking my another friend, Wen Qi to fetch me from the bus station and stuff.
So I was thinking maybe I could also invite Paul too then we could take a road trip there together.

Then my MCR deadlines came out (my practical exam) which is 13sept. So for this reason Paul doesn't want to join anymore because he wants to study.
I wanted to study too because I am still so blur with all the medical stuff!
Nevertheless, I really wanted to go because I can't go to the usual camps anymore and it was in El Sanctuary, which is the place I really wanted to go at least once!

I used to love Youth Camps and Huge camps and what not, but I am too old now!
I feel so grown out when I attended these camps last year! @@"
Knowing that Passion Alive is for people who are 18 and above made me feel more 'fitted' in the group LOL!

I was hoping I can do my exams before the camp so that I could enjoy.
But doomsday decide to hit me when I got bad food poisoning (acute gastroenteritis) on Monday on the week of the camp!
It was really, I MEAN REALLY, bad.
I am assuming is the salmon that I cooked (NO ITS NOT ME LOL I have cooked salmon countless times and nothing happened)
*Probably bacteria transferred from the fish due to many reasons.*

I vomited 12 times in the span of 2 days, diarrhoea countless times (I lost count literally), had nausea, lost of appetite and on top of that might have developed gastric (gastritis) because I couldn't really eat all or not eat much. Everything I ate I vomit it back out. I had fever too.
I was so weak, I lost weight and all I could do was sleep, walk really slowly and eat porridge.
In total I vomited 13 times in the span of 1 week. So you could see how bad it was.

So I postponed my exam to next friday.

I had Medball on Friday (some prom thingy to go to on friday that I paid for) so I have to eat the food there.
I decided to take Shi Hao's idea. Finally decided on Friday (a day before the camp) to buy bus tickets to and fro from Malacca to JB and back. I was feeling better on Friday and hoping after I eat the medball food I wouldn't feel bad again.

The tickets to Malacca were easy to buy, but the tickets back to JB was hard!
KKKL is such a good bus (I presumed over the speed of how fast their tickets are selling out) that there weren't a lot of seats left to buy to come back to JB.
I either buy it in Malacca (high chance of 0 space) or buy online.
And no I don't want other buses (cause its creepy when you are the only girl/race in the bus. THE OUTTCASSSTTT! :O :O )
So I wanted to buy single seat but it was sold out! So I had to buy a single seat from the double seat and praying so hard that no random guy buys a seat beside me @@"

The night after MedBall I was already feeling nausea and tired.
I woke up in the middle of the night feeling nausea and hard to sleep.
I woke up at 8 to pack and still feeling nausea. It was such a battle.
It was either I burn my 40 bucks bus tickets or I go with the chance of vomiting and feeling horrible in the bus and the trip.

I didn't have the mood to pack cause I was so nauseated, but I packed anyways cause I was running out of time.
So I prayed
'God, if you want me to go, you either let me vomit it out so that I could feel better, or you let me feel better. If I don't feel better by 9am, I don't go. If I do I go.'

That was basically my prayer. I don't mind either way cause I don't want to feel sick during camp.
By 9 I was feeling better, so I went.
Throughout the whole journey I felt a bit uncomfortable but it was okay.
Thank God I was able to find porridge to eat in Malacca before departing to El Sanctuary.

Throughout the two days, I didn't really feel sick and felt quite well and I could eat a little more (not porridge) and when I had my journey back to JB I also did not feel unwell. I slowly could eat better and had more energy.

During the two days I had much fun, and I have learnt a lot.
Perhaps I might share a little more on another most of what I have learnt but more basically God was confirming what He has been teaching me these few months.

I was almost late for both the buses because
1. I forgot my ticket, left it a home 10minutes before bus was going to leave
2. Session ended later than expected so I left at 12.20pm instead of 11.30/12 and my bus is at 1pm.

What more when I am not familiar with Malacca bus station I have to find and ask the platform and find the platform.
But I still manage to make it so...
still want to thank God for making this trip possible, for giving me safe trip alone to and fro Malacca JB, for letting me feel better so I could make it, for making it to the bus on time and for letting me become more and more independent!

I'll talk more about the trip itself on another post :)
This is a picture of me, late night, getting scared of something someone is trying to scare me with during the camp :( T.T haha

OH! Yes, ended up 95% of the bus was occupied by Chinese and a girl sat beside me.
SO THANK GOD WOOHOO prayers answered! I prayed really hard k hahahaahahaha.

So thats how my unexpected trip became possible!

*Typing this on a raining evening, Music playing: Clarity Cover by Madilyn Bailey and Clara* :)



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