Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Starbucks Story

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For Johorians, I am sure you all would know about this new branch on Starbucks in Tesco, Tebrau that has the third drive-through Starbucks in Malaysia.
They have this promotion for their new branch from 5pm-7pm signature drinks are buy 1 free 1, and on top of that you will get the Starbucks drive-through car sticker.

Being kiasu like me and bored of studying I asked Paul to fetch me there to get a drink. I promised to treat him ;) well, in a way haha.

So we planned to have dinner at home first then get a drink there and sit there to study. Since Tebrau is not very near my house, it took me sometime to reach there.
By the time I got there it was already 6.40pm and there was a long line infront of me.
I really want to get that free drink (I am a typical Malaysian yay!) so I started praying.

You know praying just means = talking to God, so I wasn't doing anything serious but praying this
'God can you let me make it to get the free drink please please please please??'
I was half expecting that would come true and half expecting it would not cause it's a very ridiculous prayer.

By the time I was at half the line the clock stroke 7pm. The Starbucks staff came out and informed us that the promotion is over.
Many cars left and we decided to stay still to get a drink because we drove all the way.
Both Paul and me were quite disappointed actually. I was getting quite annoyed and all that we didn't leave the house earlier and we were both annoyed at the fact that we wasted precious time to study for our exam to come here and not get anything.

So I ordered green tea latte....and when they gave me my drink, I took a sip, and at the instance I know, this is latte.

So we asked if the guy heard our order wrongly, but he said no and check my cup and realized they made me the wrong coffee. So they offered to make me a new one.
Then I went 'OMG,  Paul, you can take that coffee'. Then Paul asked the guy...

Paul: "Excuse me, are you going to just add green tea powder to that coffee?"

Starbucks dude: "Nope, we are going to make you a new one"

Paul: "So are you still going to keep that wrong coffee or throw it away? Can I have it?"

Starbucks dude: "Yes sure you can take it."

Paul: "You still going to make me a new one right?"

Starbucks dude: "Yeap."

SO... we ended up with 2 cups of coffee for the price of one.....and the promotion had already ended at that time!
I was like..."Paul did you know what I was doing just now?"
Paul: what? Praying?

HAHAHAHA! Even he knows I pray for the lamest things but I totally couldn't believe that God would answer that prayer.
We both sat there in awe thinking 'I can't believe that just happened'

I always thought God would reveal Himself to Paul in some really serious manner but ta da! God has his own Ways and He is so hilarious man. I totally never expected this! Its like funny yet amazing.

Moral of the story: Let God do His thing. hahahahahah He will totally amaze you.



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