Sunday, September 1, 2013

Penang under my feet

Actually I wanted to start off this post with a few words "I'm a coward" by choosing Penang as my backpack destination. I'm going to do this alone and people find it weird when I tell them I was going to travel alone. They did not take me seriously when I say I'm in Penang alone as well. Chloe specifically looked away and said "..awkward" wtf!? That was the weirdest expression I got at least.

I just got off my work, it has been awhile since I'm so tempted to go Penang, my last was 11 years ago and it seems like it would be 'easier' to travel somewhere in states, I was thinking this way I can still get 3G signal! -lol I still can call dad for help -lol. 


Somewhere else.
I was walking along the alley.
Why am I travelling alone.

Simply because I can. As simple as it is, not many people can if you come to think of it. There will be people bound by work, their partner or parents. Obstacles that stop them like their worry and the risk that they might get themselves into. Some just doesn't have the interest where this is also a fact why you aren't travelling alone. 

Some felt that they had to pitied me because "why aren't you going with someone else?" They did not understand why and that I chose this by choice. This is the first time I travel alone, but I travelling alone you can travel bold, travel far and you are travelling with full abandon. (Though next time I think I should try getting off the phone, I was having work calls wtf. but as soon as they heard I was on holiday they respected ^^)

Travel Safe

I did not let my parents know that I was travelling as a backpacker and that I'm meeting no one and staying in a dorm. They just assume that I was meeting friends there and this worried some of my friends who knew.
Chloe was also worry about me travelling alone, she was saying "send me location every hour!" wth. I thought that it would only be fair and since she care for me so much I foursquared my location on my every stops. It would be selfish to let people around to worry for you, so every time you travel or leave your house, its always important to stay safe!

Khoo Kongsi happens to be the most famous one,
according to the uncle there kongsi means the clan has their own 'temple' by all the surname
This was mine and so I prayed for all my ancestors. 

Fear, the absolute waste of time.

I chose the latest bus that was operating to Penang, which was 11.50pm. I was worry and this was my first time. The itinerary wasn't even done, what I know was the hotel which I intended to go was fully reserved also. But I had to leave! I had to finish off this plan so when I got to Pudu Sentral, only a few ticketting booth were operating. I manage to get the last few spots.

Fear indeed. I got onto the bus and it was filled with all indians and I thought 'hmm.. maybe this wasn't the best idea I've ever had." Can't help it. Indians usually have this body odor, the indian guy was really cold to me when I talk to him. Maybe I have chinese stench for him. 

Discovering that I'm so bad ass.

I reached Penang about 5.30am. I was glad that the bus stopped at certain stations which delayed my arrival time. This means it was safer for me to move about as it would be morning soon. My station was at Sg. Nibong and walked to Georgetown. 

It took me 4-5 hours to walk there of course, I stopped in between to get some food. It was crazy to realize the time it took for me to walk. So the first day I accumulated 26km of walking (I was hoping to get the exact pace but too bad my phone was dying before even reaching my hotel.)

There's this bit of being adventurous and there is this just being plain stupid haha. That wasn't it. Why this post title being name that is because it was really all feet along the way. This is sort of my own triumph along the way, why? It was to experience the bit of backpacking spirit right? If I were to take taxi, drive or a bus my trip would be over sooner. Plus I think I would see less, spend more, and gain more(weight).

You wouldn't believe what relief when I saw this sight.

The only muar chee I found throughout in Penang.
I remember having this at the exact same spot previously when I was in Penang (10years ago)


Travelling alone might cost you more as you want to eat food but you can't share and also you can't share the cost for your room. My dorm just cost me Rm33 and there were cheaper ones. Penang food doesn't cost a lot really and of course I save a lot on transport as every bus would cost about Rm2 top but taxi would slaughter you! But i burn Rm200 on clothes in Penang... lol! I didn't bring enough clothes there hahaha ;/ Conclusion is the whole trip wouldn't spend more than Rm200 excluding what I bought there lol.

Loneliness creep

Its just 3 days. Well it didn't really creep into me as I was getting phone calls and all the sweet ones as well! Super touching ;) I might be eating alone but I didn't feel like it. There were people telling me they didn't like to eat alone because they feel that people are constantly watching them being awkward why are there alone.
What I can say is "Honey, don't think so highly of yourself because no one is watching you." 

When you are alone, you will realize that it is easier to meet people as well. I was in Chinahouse one morning waiting for my long black where this guy came over and asked if I'm a blogger. Between brushing him off and inviting him to sit would make this trip entirely different really. It was something that still make us smile when we thought about it. It was his own accomplishment that he had the balls to come up to me and it was my pleasure to had met him as he drove me to Straits Quay(if not I had to walk another 3 hours there!) and met more people that brought me to eat. 

Even at the dorm that I stayed, it is important whether your doings are inviting or you making a move to talk. I sat at the counter where I met this backpacker where he taught me a lot about the spirit of backpacking. He taught me and showed me his experience and his life as a penang-lang as well. How he mock the government and smirk at their ideas. haha.

This was what they told me that I wouldn't find this in KL.
They actually grill this instead of the normal honey roast.

I'm home now with my snack :3 Mango yogurt parfait.
With postcards from Penang. I forgot the shop name but the guy was so nice to give me the whole pack.

I think the loneliness might creep in if I was there more but meeting people along the way didn't make it so bad. After the trip I constantly think that all things are really mapped out, because missing a bus and getting up another would lead me into meeting another aunty that helped me out. Before the trip begun I was thinking whether can I make it by travelling Penang in 100km by feet. 

Well I did not make it, it only summed up to about 57km. I thank God that I can take a bus at Komtar and not Sg Nibong Station in particular! Shitsss. I really like everything that has happened and really glad that all falls into place. There were places that I missed and things I did not get to eat, travelling alone makes it difficult to eat at times still all is good.Upon coming back home mum said "My God! You really have that backpacker's smell!"  I really stink because I didn't shower before I got on to the bus. -_- I'm heading out for steamboat now(with my car) bye!



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