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Oh My Goodness!

OMG! Promised to write a post on my recent trip to Malacca for a weekend getaway with Passion Alive!
*passion alive is a cell group in my church for kids 18 and above :P*

So yeap, as from the last post you all have read about how I made it there. For this post I will write about what happened there!

Things we did:

The camp is called OMG! (oh my goodness!) and..
Bascially it is in this place call El-Sanctuary, which sounded very cool to me.
Little did I know it is a place embedded in.....what should I say...jungle?
HAHA! Its a place where there are so many trees and nature that if I pass by I wouldn't know this place existed!
Definitely not somewhere I would want to go because I am really, REALLLY, REALLLLLLYYYY scared of bugs and lizards and all living things on earth LOL.

1294594_10151798937762367_422858042_o 1292840_10151798937307367_856080460_o

We stopped by the famous Klebang Coconut Milkshake before heading to Alor Gajah. 
2 years since I last drank this!


Ok I lied. LOL
If you remember from my previous post, I had food poisoning.
So I couldn't drink it (so wasted!)
and I haven't eat lunch, and I only could eat porridge which I managed to take away in Malacca town.
I was hungry and had no bowl to eat, so.....
I ate in the cup that is use for coconut milkshake instead! LOL

I was surprised when I reach there looking at the amount of trees and I was thinking to myself
"oh crap, I am going to be mosquito food tonight" True enough that at the end if the trip I had 24 mosquito bites in total -________-


Yeap this is all I see.

So generally I would say the place is pretty cool. We stayed in a huge bungalow (Like really HUGE) and we had games and all in the field where I fed the mosquitoes very well there.
After the games we had campfire (yay my first campfire!) The fire was really big omg and we stupidly, try to fry our marshmallow in the big fire.
I swear my face was going to melt.
We had some punishments because my group lost in the games, and I had to try to eat the oreo that is placed on my forehead without using my hands, WHICH I DID! :D


The bungalow!


Girls dorm

tt 20130907_223034 

The living room




Filling up balloons for the last game which I bail out cause of sudden tummy pain.

1262463_10151798942172367_1060912392_o (1)

Games time! LOL so obvious that I am already in the midst of killing blood sucker mosquitoes!


Lost the game so had limited colours to draw the poster :(


What I mean about burning marshmallows LOL.


Still burning.........


This looks right hahah low heat for melting marshmallows! Nyom nyom nyom!!
By the way, I forgot to mention that at night the place is pitch dark, I had to use my phone light so that I could walk and not step on dog poop or dogs LOL.


I sswearrrr the oreo was disgusting after this, but I still won! :D


and they were asking my opinion on euthanasia hmm.. sorry it was really cold so I had this hideous blanket pose :P


camho is a must to do everywhereeeee! :P


My very oily breakfast :P


and sadly, I had to leave early because the session dragged and I missed the group photo T.T

Here are few photos that I took while playing around with Wen Qi's camera ;)

 1094740_10151798973902367_917400693_o 1265367_10151798974062367_765388032_o

unedited. I love the fire pic though :D

I like the place there.
The photos are by Wen Qi, not me. :)

SOOO.... in the last post I mentioned me being frightened by something..


Here is the photo again, LOL I am very frightened that I was in tears! But what was I frightened of?



OK so I am scared of everything. :(
They were trying to make me face my fears T_____T look at this Ivan.

I had a long chat with my 1992 buddies till like 4am and off to bed! It was a good catch up :)
*photo credit to Wen Qi :)
Next morning we had breakfast and then Sunday Service, which leads to the next part of my post:

What I learnt :

The important part of the post!
*I think I forgotten some already, oh noooo*
Anyways God has been teaching me a few things for the past few months or years?

There were also question in my own life like,
what am I suppose to do that is right in God's eyes? What is actually the right thing to do and things that I shouldn't do I know if it is right? Whose standards do I follow or who do I listen to?
Since young my peers or relatives would love to attack questions like, 
why do bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people?
TO BE HONEST, I do always feel very stupid. Like I REALLY feel I am not great at all, nothing special bout me nothing much I can do. Hypocrite in a way cause I will always tell people 'you are special in God's eyes'. Thats what they taught me in church anyways but I never quite felt it.

Throughout these months through discussion, teachings and readings I have found some answers which God has been confirming with me quite a number of times, including this time.

Now what is good? what is right and what is wrong? How do you know? On what standard are we measuring to?
This subject is too subjective and vague as every single one of us have differing views.
This is largely due to different exposure, lifestyle, cultures, teachings, norms and what not that we have grown up with that forms us to what we are today.
Our thinking are all very influenced by everything and whatever good to me might not be good to you.
So this subject is really, very subjective.

So then how do we even know what is TRULY right?
I believe, God is righteous, sinless and true. So what he says, its true and its right.
What he says, its written in the Bible.
The Bible is not just only some history books that wrote about what happened in the past. The world has never changed from the beginning. (I don't mean technology I mean the issues we face today)
Whatever written there still applies to us today therefore,
our actions, our decisions and what not, should always be based on what God says its right and good.
The Bible clearly mentions many incidences that should teach us how we should approach and live our life.
If still in doubt, lol ask God himself. He will show you :)

Why bad things happen to good people yada yada?
Generally everyone thinks they have not done much bad as long as they don't murder or set fire or those serious things like that.
So if anything happen to them or their family they will be like "OH GOD WHY?!"
But honestly, how good are you to say that you are good? (this is just my point of view)

What I have learnt is that, from the beginning when God created the world there was no suffering, no pain.
However when sin came into the world (when Eve ate from the tree that she was not suppose to), that's where it all began.
From then on, every sin and suffering is not because God is evil, but because we brought it onto ourselves. It is a consequence of sin. (This is hard to understand because it is almost impossible for us to imagine a world perfect like that, we have never seen it before!)

The result of evil things happening (perhaps like war) are because, man (ourselves) are trying to resist God.
Ask yourselves, especially Christians. There is always a tendency that we don't want to be associated with God cause we want to do things our way and we want things that God says no to it.
When we resist God, there comes all the bad things.
So honestly think about it...are we that good?

As for the last point, I would have to say I am still learning. I have not know how do I tackle it yet but I am praying that I will understand what God means by this one day.
When I was in the camp Han-Ni was sharing bout this. She was saying that God wants us, as the children of God to be a level above that where we are now, cause that's where we are suppose to be.

So far the thing I learnt from this in, the importance of wisdom.
I have been praying 'God give me wisdom' without knowing the true meaning to it.

In James 1:2-5
Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.
If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.

I read this verse a million times without realising the last part to this. Wisdom.
In everything we face, in our everyday lives, always ask for God's wisdom, as how the King Solomon, the wisest king, has ask wisdom from God to rule his country.
For the reason that wisdom, God's wisdom, would really bring us to another level in our lives, handling situations differently from how we used to do it.

I have heard this on the christian radio, and Han-Ni mentioned this again during the getaway which double confirms it.
So basically this is the three things I have been learning so far and feel free if anyone has any comment to this if there is something that I should be taught or corrected :)

On a side note: Yay just finish my 5th MCR! Last MCR list coming out next week so before it does I'll try to blog as much! End year exams are coming too SO OMG, I'll be busy studying. :/ 



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