Thursday, September 19, 2013

Music For Study

I was listening to a few songs that I commonly listen to when I am studying and I suddenly thought that I should share some of the songs here. Honestly I am required to study everyday, but obviously I don't. Sometimes I study better without music, but most of the time I do.

However sometimes listening to music when I study distracts me. It takes at least 20% of my concentration away either to the song/lyrics or what not.
Sometimes I do get so distracted that I had to read what I am reading a few times before I understand because my concentration is so much on the music.

So tip: Preferably songs without vocals/singing just instrumental would be good. It takes away less of your concentration and gives a good relaxing environment to study.
Sometimes studying in the quiet is quite boring (at least for me)

If any of you like classicals (I DO!) they are good too, but not the too dramatic ones.

So here are a few songs you can try out, most of them are introduced to me by Chloe.
The title of the songs are on the video embedded here :)

 The last video just the vocal version of the second last video. Usually I just listen to the instrumental one but I think the vocals are good so just share here also :)

I will share more of some songs I listen to which I think is quite good (if you have the same taste as me that is) in the near future!
So keep checking! :)



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