Thursday, September 19, 2013

Little Talks : Birthday at Penang

Chloe : Ru who you going Penang with?
Me : Secret.
Chloe : =______= stuupid you are not in Penang right on 29th right?
Me : I am I am, even if I'm not I will be.
Chloe : Then go fuck yourself


The art on the wall. Thats how the exterior looks as well.

Since I was going alone I looked for a dorm. It wasn't what I thought of really! I thought its dirty and military dorm and all. Turns out when I reach there it was really clean and the interior was really nice as well. Its clean enough to stay really because I really couldn't stand staying in a rusty, old and dirty hotel or anywhere for that matter.

I have a little thing for cleanliness even my room or car can be messy sometimes. Though no matter what, my throne has to be pee-free from the seatee! =/
If any of you are planning a budget trip to Penang, Ryokan @ Muntri is much recommended !

I find it so nice that their door are with p/w locks and also combining Penang elements into it.

Raw and chic is all about Penang.

I don't see anyone hanging out here, although I wish someone did.

Their 'lobby' for chilling

There's an iPad there as well, I really don't see any groups hanging around out here ;(

The Dorm. Really clean! They provide lockers but you would have to bring your own padlocks.

The breakfast is free ;) So wouldn't expect anything.

So I spent two nights there sharing a mixed dorm at the rate of Rm33 per night. Not too bad but it was a mixed dorm where I had a girl room mate and a guy .. I was scare at first really though the guy was the girl's friend. And the girl was really nice where she morning call me ;/ haha. Still.. I was abit uneasy at first about the guy. You can opt for a girl's only dorm, there will be a few ringgits higher.

Ryokan is located at Jalan Muntri, I wouldn't say its close to everything but if you are driving its all fine and if you are walking like me... lols its still fine where everything is about 15-20mins walk from the hostel. One block down is the 'Love Lane' where more backpackers are and at cheaper rate even! I should have booked there but the place was packed with foreigners. The real backpackers also! I did not book there because at first I thought 'Love lane' was .. some.. chow-kit-prostitute-alley-sort of place. lolol. Turns out it is quite happening!

Its a decent place to stay at Ryokan really! The Penang-lang also told me the area where I'm staying is call 银行街(Banking Street) oh.and Chloe didn't fuck me ;D hehehe. and I did had a memorable birthday :)

Ryokan Chic Hostels
62, Muntri Streets,
10200 Georgetown,
Penang, Malaysia.

Tel : (+604) 250 0287
Fax : (+604) 250 0288
Email :



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