Sunday, September 29, 2013

How to Make Ice Cream

Sorry peeps for the long missing in action! Finals this year are coming real soon and I am totally not ready! :(

So anyways back to today's post, how to make ice cream!
Credits to Qing Xian who taught my housemates and me.
I saw Qing Xian doing it with her housemates and I was like OMG so cool!!! I didn't know we can homemake ice cream. I always thought they had machineries to produce ice cream.
I am so brilliant right! LOL.

SOOO! Its actually really easy. Like. Really. We made Oreo Ice Cream.
and this is my first attempt! s don't judge :P

First, the ingredients.

2 cups of Whipped cream (I used the normal one, but you can try to get the one specifically for ice cream)
2 cups of Milk
2 teaspons of Vanilla Essence
1/2 cup of Sugar (white or brown as you prefer)
2 packs of Oreo, or more. (You can replace this with fruits if you want to make fruit ice cream, like banana ice cream :D)


How to make:

So basically you just measure and prepare the amount of ingredients you need.
As for the Oreo, we started off crushing them into pieces, but not too crushed because we wanted the chunky feeling of oreo.

After that, we just add all the ingredients inside the blender. Milk, cream, sugar and vanilla essence.
Blend all of that think its fluffy enough.
Then add oreo. Then just mix it with a chopstick or a spoon or whatever.
Pour it into a container and..
Put it in the freezer and wait 24 hours and YOU CAN ENJOY!

Pour the milk..

LOL Qing Xian crushing oreo with my cup hahah. Yeap that's the way we crush oreos :P

Sugar! Oh by the way the measuring cups you can get it anywhere. I saw it in Daiso. This set is Xin Yi's not mine so I am not sure where she got it :)

So the whipped cream will use the same cup as the milk. Will only fill it after pouring the milk in the blender :)

Pour in the milk!!

Next the sugar!

whipped creammmmmmm.. so creammyyy

after all the white in colour stuff added :P (milk cream and sugar)

add the vanilla essence.

Need to press on top cause this is old blender and it had a hold on top at the cover.
So just to prevent things from flying out during the blending process :)

OREO time WHHHEEE! everyone wanted to eat the oreo in the process of this -.-



Mix them..

What it looks like after mixing.

Pour them in the container!

Basically you are done by here, time to freeze. But ours looked wrong so...

*extra stuff we did..

So after mixing the oreo, we poured it out and it looked not right.
It wasn't blend enough, so we had no choice but to blend it longer some more.
But this will break all the oreo to fine pieces, so we crushed more oreo to add inside.
the end result? Our ice cream was really really oreo!

It tasted good and not bad for the first attempt.
Just a little too sweet because of the amount of oreo we put in.
We used in total of 4 packs! LOL.

CRUSHED more oreos! So that we get the chunky ones :D

Pour Pour Pour!

Now it looks right :D 

This is how the end result look like! Not bad right for first timer! :D
and sorry ahahahah we got too excited that we scooped and tried the ice cream before taking picture LOL.

*there were a lot of epic things that happen that day, so....*

Qing Xian said she had chocolate as base for her ice cream. We didn't know about it, so we didn't buy chocolate.
Pei Nee was saying that she had a lot of extra chocolate. Could just melt any one of them
So she gave us one and we were thinking we were kind of lazy so we use the microwave.

Sorry blur picture! Not taken by me, but I have to show a picture of the chocolate we used!
Its by cadbury by the way.

In it goes!

But the results weren't really good, it didn't really melt. So we in the end decided to use the stove.
and then........of all days, we were out of gas on that day LOL.

Melted a little but not really..

wanted to use stove but no gas!!

So nevermind,  we try the double boil method by putting it inside the rice cooker in a bowl sort of thing.
It was so slow that we thought it wasn't melting.
and to our horror, we found out that the chocolate was expire HAHAHA!

double boil LOL.

and then found out its expired.....what more is in MAY, now its already September!! 

So we changed to a new chocolate, using the microwave again.
We stopped it halfway and it looked okay but not melted enough so we continued heating it.
When I went to check on the chocolate, the microwave window (you know microwaves have this glass thing so that you can see the bowl moving around inside the microwave) was all fogged up! and I smell burnt.

OMG HERSHEY.. and cookies and cream. Matched the ice cream theme of the day :P

Melted a little but not enough..continue heating.

and the GREAT smoke from the microwave. This picture was taken when it had already subsided a little. When I opened it it was worse and much much more thicker!
Imagine that! hahah!!

When I opened it was as though my chocolate was on fire LOL!! There was so much smoke coming out that my whole house stinks!
So we gave up on the whole chocolate thing in the end hahaha.

I know what you all are thinking.
Such a waste of hershey's right...I know :'(

So yes, thats the making of the oreo ice cream.
Give it a try! Its really easy! Would attempt for other flavours next time.
Sorry for the blur pics cause I had a friend to take for me while the others and me did all the making :D

Just a random shot taken while waiting for the chocolate to melt. 
One of the few people that came to my house (plus my housemates) to make this ice cream :D
The other guys came in hope to EAT the ice cream LOL.

Oh no my nerdy face is out!



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