Monday, September 2, 2013

How do You Know You Are in Penang

Arriving at Penang erm didn't really feel like a whole stranger to me but there were some parts of Penang makes it Penang! LOL. I really felt it being different and it will definitely makes me smile apart from the norms. Having food everywhere and all, but this is what I think is unique about Penang upon my first arrival there.

Cars driving at the opposite lanes.
During college I had a few Penang friends and I would sit in their car he was also driving in the opposite lane! I was like, wtf. Though there I thought was just my friend. When my bus stopped at the side of the traffic light, there was this taxi driving in the direction of my bus and my bus had to stop for the taxi because the taxi driver was so fierce wanting to turn to the other lane. After that on the other side there were taxi and cars speeding off a red light, I calmed myself down and thought, "ah~ Penang"

Breakfast @ the hostel
How Penang was my breakfast? They were serving tambun biscuit aka. 豆沙饼 aka. mung bean biscuit as part of the breakfast. Lol. Penang is famous for their mung bean biscuit but I didn't expect it to be part of my breakfast lols!

They had alot on their counter but I only took one.
The breakfast is free ;) So wouldn't expect anything.

When Bangla speaks better Hokkein than you
I'm a hokkein-lang though I seldom speak in it so I'm rusty with my hokkein but this bangla was working in a hawker store and I ordered chee cheong fun from him. He was conversing in hokkein with other customers bout the daily happenings in the cafe.

I was walking to Georgetown where I passed by the residential area. The aunty and uncle were in the neighbourhood chatting and they were also speaking hokkein. Uncle is indian, aunty is chinese. (Y)

What I enjoyed most. Chee Cheong Fun. Super love.
Our sauce in KL is watery instead in Penang the sauce is thick but sweeter. Ah. This is so nice.

Penang Night Market
Penang pasar malam got uniform somemore! The people who open stalls there are all in uniform! My friend of mine brought me to the Jelutong Pasar Malam on Friday, and what I saw was everyone who was working there was wearing uniform lol! Maybe its just Jelutong Pasar maybe??? Though it still shock me. ;/

Got the picture from foursquare
They were all wearing that orange Polo T with the Pasar Malam wordings on it!

Hokkein Mee
In KL, Fried hokkein mee to me is like the great smelling sensation of noodles with pork lard and dark soy sauce. Whereas in Penang I would have thought they gave me the wrong order because their Hokkein Mee is the version of Prawn mee ! But they have prawn mee also! Got me confused.

Got it from the internet. This is KL Hokkein Mee
This is Penang Hokkein Mee !



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