Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Food Diary : What I Ate Wednesday

So fast and its Wednesday again! If you saw instagram recently I found the chocolate I was looking for and it seems that 99% they don't really sell them. I went and talk to one of the chef who I know from work and she mentioned that because it is almost tasteless that even manufacturers doesn't want to produce 100% Cacao or you can't even find them in the market. So 99% was the closest I could find and its not very expensive. It was only Rm13 +/- so its okay to try.

I went and meet up with a friend and found this chocolate from the market at Taman Desa. I eagerly opened it and try. It was quite disappointing as I only like dark chocolates. I've had the darkest 85%. Taste is still really good but this 99%.. The taste wasn't what I was expecting. Its almost tasteless and it isn't a strong bitterness plus it just stucks in your teeth and doesn't melt much. So.. I shared. lol

Breakfast : Oats with Skimmed milk topped with frozen banana and chocolate shaving. I found out how to finish this chocolate. It was reallyyyy goood! xD Because the oats were hot so it melted the chocolate.

Some mug I found in the kitchen. Should age a decade, looks okay.

Lunch : I realize that hardboil egg is not easy to make. Had this salad with sesame dressing at Await Cafe with a cup of Mandheling Coffee. I always wonder how come my salad at home sucks. The other day I was trying to make hard boil egg and failed. I burnt my rice and fail hardboil egg. #wtf.

Dinner : I did not burn my rice this time! Woot ;/ After my mum know that I burnt my rice she bout a slow-cooker! Like slow stew pot and all. Hahaha turns out my rice so awesome. After I cook most of the left over I got from the grocers I felt the portion is abit too much. Oh well. So my Beef steak with fry veggies and thai red rice. After cooking the steak I reuse the oil to fry my vege. -___- save one time of washing hehe.

 Had some two bowls of kokokrunch during my late night working session. Sigh. Gotta wake up to drive to airport and head off to work again. Buona Notte, Good Night. :)



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