Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Food Diary : What I Ate Wednesday

Procrastination and eating cereal, right now is 10.30am. I should really be working and Chloe and Erica would be busy these few days as they are having exams. I did have a thought about does their eyes stick to their book like how I stick to my screen when I'm working? But when I'm working I tend to jump around then jump back to work. Thats why I'm here right now lol. 

These food look pretty, easy, fast and needless to clean ;/ 
I seriously dislike washing plate and I would always think why do I cook so lonng.. wash so longgg but eat so fast! I need something fast because showering and preparing takes one hour, I have no idea why it takes so long when my hair is half gone even. So stupid

Breakfast 9:15am : Same ol' natural yogurt and super high fiber muesli with strawberry jam lol I thought that it might work well together since it would be ridiculous for me to make strawberry sauce. I topped it off with cherry tomato, well it needed some red! haha and cherry tomato is the thing that would make a dish looks great. #lebih

Artist already lah! xD

Lunch 1.30pm : Wholegrain sandwich with egg and chicken floss(or was it pork). Previously I think i mentioned about how lazy I can be, there were some leftover chopped vege from my previous meal. Wholegrain bread off from plastic, shredded chicken floss off from plastic. Halved tomato off from plastic. Egg didn't even turn on the stove. I just crack it onto the plate in the picture and microwave it. Took it out and peel it off from the plate. The fork was optional since I'm using hand, it just made the picture look full. Heh!

Hello 'good-morning-towel'

So by lunch all I had to wash was :-

Dinner 6.30pm : Seared salmon with baked sweet potatoes and stir fry cabbage. I forgot to ask my mum to cook rice for me lol usually it take so long I just ask her to prep it for me and store it in the fridge. Since I'm cooking the rice for myself, I just thought I would cook it in a small pot. The theory with the rice cooker and pot should be the same I told myself! So i left it to simmer for 40minutes. lol.

Whole thing can throw die a dog. It got burnt so bad and it took me forever to wash the burnt mark off!!! WTF. Instant karma wei! Stuupidddddddd D: sigh I had to put that aside and think of dinner =___=
Sigh so now I'm missing some carbs from the plate. I just bake some potatoes that I had laying around in the end.
I think this is my best seared salmon! So satisfying! 

Potato almost got burnt also. =_______= wth is wrong with me.

Snack : Easiest =___= skimmed milk oats topped with bananas and raisins. 

Well my mum could have kill me for darkening her pot and my brothers as well because they couldn't cook maggi with that pot as it stinks. Mum said need to ventilate it a few days lol. So stupid. Cook rice also fail. stupid. Ciao



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