Thursday, September 19, 2013


A certain twist to the environment that is slightly different from my comfort zone. I don't drink or smoke though I do get high at times which is annoying because this 'high' is on coffee. I think I've said that I was a slash-barista so even after a few days of learning I would also like to share something with you guys.

Caffe Latte
I take order in my first few day of work so customer comes in with their chest pumped up, head held high and told me what they wanted like they drink more often than I drink water..
"Can I get a latte."

In Italian latte means milk. Literally.

Ma'am your latte.

Its like asking 'Hey do you have a microwave in your kitchen?' ..No..
'But isn't that a microwave on your counter? /points/' ..Thats my microwave oven..'

Heeheeee #okay lame joke. So please, when you order your coffee with milk, its 'Caffe latte.' ^_^

Do you guys serve decaf?

Do yourself a favour and just order a cup of hot chocolate because ordering a decaf if like ordering a pizza with no toppings, or steamboat with no soup!! Lol ok. thats abit too much, but you get the point. If you are trying to stay off caffeine for whatever reason just get a glass of juice or chocolate.

Know your foam

Latte Art by Coffea Coffee Barista Eyas.

Can I get a cup of cappuccino with less foam ?
Oh you mean you want a caffe latte?
Nono. I don't like latte, I want a cappuccino just less foam on top.
.. Err..... hm.. er ..that would be Rm12.90 please..

We give up, sometimes thats all we could do.

What's good here?

Well, this amuse me everytime but I will still smile and say coffee of course. Again its your own preference because taste and food is also a subjective question! Some like it with milk,chocolate,caramel or vanilla.


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