Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday's Doings.

I'm having this love-hate thing with coffee. Today was such a dilemma where I wouldn't do it differently. I woke up late today though of course it affected no one just I love waking up early even if I have nothing to do. My day feels longer this way. There were things on my to do list which is super long though I did only the first and my day is almost ending and it is a productive day.

The other day I was talking to Chloe and she told me that productivity isn't about how much things you cramp in a day but you can consider about striking off the big goals off your list. One or two likely, productivity is about choosing the right kind of goal and making the best out of it.

I don't think anyone would guess what I did today, I called my mum with so much excitedness and said "Mum! I am going to become a barista!" LOL. Hehe. Sooooo.! I have a 'slash' now. You know how (seldom people here in Malaysia have these or at least people around me) people would work part time while being a student. For example :

I am a waiter / writer
I am a blogger / student okay that doesn't count.
So I'm an interior designer / barista ! I wouldn't trade my barista for anything right now lol!
What's you slash? ;p

There is a reason behind this, it was because I know my weakness and as my career will lead to servicing clients and mostly aunties, I would have to suck in the temper more as I am short temper. Dealing with contractor and people who can't make decisions are quite hectic. Of course I understand there will be certain obstacles that causes all these, no one wants it that's why I have to cope with my own temper. Maybe through this I can smile my way out of the craziness.

Job is what you choose, everyone know the saying of "find your job you love and you never have to work another day" I decided to choose my environment, the co workers, the location this time. I sat there observing for 3 hours just looking at how they work and what they are doing.

There was this guy who came up to the counter waited 5 minutes to get in touch with the waitress and asked for the serviette, its 1.30pm and the waitress couldn't hear him and said "we've run out of it". The guy at the counter stood there and look confused. I pointed in the direction there the tissues were placed and the guy thanked me and said "hey thanks! You should be working here"

My turn to be confused and thought "what a funny thing so say, because I intended to"
Choosing your career path is important, but always remember choose what you wanna do.

The "Yeah, buts.." and "What ifs.. " can set aside, just do what you love to do.
Don't see money as the heavier priority in this because it is so much fun learning and getting the best out of it is what will matter. Thats when you are truly living.
Reading what I just type is just corny, but when you realize the same maybe its the same simple words you would describe it as well.

I had a lot other coffee shop on the list that I would skip because I like the place so later that day I head over to meet up with someone who I love talking to. Someone who speak with much content in every word. I guess today is about do what you want to do if you feel that it will benefit you because it is all about finding yourself. Yes, everything is mapped out in life(at least thats what I believe) and whatever decisions you make now will be useful in future. Even if you stone now it will be the reason you work harder in future!



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