Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Idea of a Perfect First Date - Erica's Version

One of my friend read the post by YiRu/Chloe -this shall remain a mystery ;)- and asked me to write a version of my own.
Comparing me from that post posted by either of them, I am rather typical.
I could say I am a super typical girl! Probably you could call me the very traditional conservative girl.

My idea of a perfect first date is based on the context that, I am already with that guy or almost there? :)

1. Coffee date!
Ok this is similar about me and my YiRu/Chloe. To me I think a coffee date is pretty sweet and romantic. I personally love coffee and tea, and I really like to sit at coffee places just to chill and read a book and what not. I think it would be lovely to just have coffee and sit down and talk just to know each other more.

2. Date at the park.
Lol I feel like I super 70s right here, feel like my parents era. I don't just mean any park, I meant special parks. Special parks means they aren't ordinary parks. HAHAH  sounds like I am talking crap. I mean they have like cool designs, cooling, pretty fountains, just special and not typical. I like to sit or walk around very cool-designed places and just chill there. Breathe in the wind of nature!

Photo from google

3. Surprise at the beach
WOOOO I love surprises! If there was a nearby beach per say, it would be easier to go. Of course I won't mind travelling to another state to their beach if time permits. I feel if on my first date, the guy surprise me by bringing me to the beach for a stroll, perhaps for sunrise or sunset, that would be lovely!
I love to walk to the beach and breath in salt wind !! Just joking, I mean sea breeze heh.

Up to here, I think you would have realize how much I am close to what I say I am in the post 'Something that I would not get tired of doing' which is STONING. I really like to just walk and breathe air and not do anything but stone and walk and keep my mind blank. In other words, not productive hahaha.

So pweeettyyyy !!!
Photo from google

4. Somewhere with Fireworks
I realllyyyyy love fireworks. I'm like a baby/kid inside and I really love to watch fireworks. Small or big fireworks, whenever I hear the sound of them, I would run towards it so that I could watch it. The best are still the large colourful ones, they are so awesome! I think it would be nice if the guy knows that I likes fireworks and decides to bring me somewhere to watch fireworks together :)

5. Food trip!!!
I am such a fatty. I love going to explore food all around. From breakfast to dinner to desserts I love to explore ! Living in Malaysia has given me the advantage to be in the food paradise. Although I think to many this would not be quite a good idea for a perfect first date, cause you will get so bloated and fat and all at the end of the day, but I don't mind ! I think its fun!

6. Some fancy dinner
Well I don't always go to fancy dinners, actually very unlikely, but it would be quite nice to have it once it awhile. On the first date, if the guy decides to bring me for a fancy dinner, not because he want to show off his wealth (lol) but just to let me have some experience for it I think it would be nice. Fancy dinner gives me the oppurtunity to doll myself up for the occasion and have some awesome food once in awhile!

7. Beanbag movie
Despite the fact that I think watching movie is quite boring for a first date, I think watching movie on a beanbag is nice. Its either we have this first date at home chilling, watching tv together on beanbags or sofas or there is this beanbag cinema in sunway which I went once. I think its pretty much me again liking the chilling part.

8. Bring me overseas baby!
Well that is, again, if time permits and also financially. Like me living in jb now, going Singapore is consider 'overseas' LOL. Since they have pretty places there is fun to go there to walk around and explore other countries beauty and their food. :D I like!

The idea of perfect first date to me is always about chilling, because I like to chill. ( I LIKE TO STONEEEEE!) I like to keep my mind blank on that day, away from all the work and stress of the world and just spend my time with the love one :)
To be honest, my first date with Paul was actually a jog at the park!
So bascially is something like what I wrote, a date at the park. 
It was because Paul and me likes to run, thats why. 

So maybe I am not that typical after all. HEH :)



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