Thursday, August 15, 2013

The GM Diet

I am very against people who loses weight fast and having crazy fad diet plan. I did have second thoughts on
writing this because some might abuse these diets and I know how women are crazy about the numbers. Always remember that the number on the scale means nothing more compare to the numbers you see on the tape. I will let you know on my review after this, you can have a general overview of this first.

This GM diet was said to lose 10-17lbs and it only last 7 days. That's a lot to lose in just 7 days. Again, pleaseee don't over do this and have an interval period in doing this. GM Diet is a cleanse instead of calling it a diet. What really attract me with this diet isn't really the pounds that I was going to lose, instead it's that I am allow to eat 8 bananas a day!! 8 BANANASSS! LOL.

I know that I can't lose as many pounds as stated though its fun to try. plus. 8 bananas... ;D *so excited. This diet and also help you detoxify your body I think this is the main benefits from the diet I felt. This is a very easy diet plan to follow also what I think is you don't have to buy unnecessary products for this cleanse. Here are the rules!

What You Are Allow To Consume
LEAN Meat (Means no bacon. dohh. Get parts that has the least fats)
Skimmed Milk

You are Prohibited From
What is not mentioned above. lol. Dont worry below is an example.

Beverages That You May Take
Water - lots of it
Coffee - Black! No creamer/sugar/condensed milk or shits like that (perfect.)
Tea - I've seen some taking black tea though this im not sure. Though definitely no milk tea -__- OR your OCHADO.
Fruit Juice - On the days u are allow to have fruits. No adding any sugar traces.

7 Day Plan

Day  1 You are allow to eat as much fruits as you want! Though all except bananas! Try taking fruits that has lots of water content in them and also nutrients! Bear in mind - "As much as you want."
Day 2 All vegetables and ONE baked potato. Any vegetables of your choice and eat till you are full. I opt-ed for baked sweet potato in the morning instead of potato for dinner(as written in the web)
Day 3 Unlimited fruits and vegetables! Though no potato and no bananas yet.
Day 4 Guess what! Its banana day! Today you can eat up to 8 bananas! and drink 3-5 glass of skimmed milk. I had their Wonder Soup as well.
Day 5 Eat up to 12oz of lean beef in moderation throughout the day. 3oz is about a fist size. Pair with 6 whole tomatoes. Increase your water intake as you are increasing your protein intake.
Day 6 Today can be considered your cheat day as you can take unlimited beef and unlimited vege!
Day 7 I bet you are craving for some carbs, you can have two bowl of brown rice today. Though no beef / meat you can have fruits and vege with your rice.

You can sub beef for other lean meat/fowl/fish or if you are a vegetarian you might sub it with brown rice/tofu(since its protein)

This seems possible right? Wait till you try it, then you know how strong of a mentality you really need. I know I can resist my temptation or the food I consume at least. So be prepare if you are going to try ;)!

Wonder Soup
If you read the 7 day meal plan you are also allow to consume the Wonder Soup though what I suggest is how ridiculous in the website it is stated 22oz of water and for 6 onions..... (Meaning is it is too little water for that much of ingredient!) You can take this soup throughout the cleansing diet. Though from what I think is this soup you can have throughout is because of the water content in the vegetables used. As cabbage, celery and tomatoes are loaded with water content ya? *Seems legit ;x
So if you are preparing the soup for one person :-

Onion - 1 medium
Green Pepper(Capsicum) - One
Celery - 1-2 stalks (I don't like celery.)
Tomatoes - 1 Large
Cabbage - One quarter
Carrots - 1 Medium

Olive Oil - 1 Tbsp
Salt and Pepper - optional
Water - I would suggest water to cover a little more over all the ingredients in the pot as you can add as much water as you like.

Method of cooking

Remember to wash your vegetables, then chop/slice them up and set it aside.
Heat the olive oil and saute your onions till slightly brown, add green pepper and fry a little more.
What I did then was transfer everything to the pot with all the chopped vegetables and fill it with water.
Bring it to a boil then cook it over a lower heat for about an hour(I cook a little less than that as I was hungry ;X

This is enough for a day as for what is stated in the website(which i followed) I had to fridge the soup and reheat them. I could have eaten it for 4 days but I threw it out in day 2, I felt it was abit unpleasant to eat even though I'm on this diet lol.
I tried to eat over 1500 calories even if I was on this diet to not screw up my metabolism. Though for men I don't know as I was eating a lot but seems to be hard to hit the mark so I guess you guys have to eat more than that I guess. You can exercise also during this cleanse and it is also recommended.

You can read more here 
This diet plan is developed by them to ensure that their staff members stay in shape and have different thoughts on their weight management. Though some that have gone through with this will feel light headed in the first few days. Not everyone can do this diet so please go through this or seek for your doctor's/nutritionist advice beforehand if you are worry.

Usually when we do these your weight might gain back to "normal" that is what they call a yoyo effect. On how to avoid this from happening is to exercise and always maintain a balance healthy meal! Easy said than done really. But you will do it if you want it! Ask me anything I will try my best to answer them :)



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