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TEDxKL (Behind The Scene)

TEDxKL (Behind The Scene)

Yi Ru had just blogged about her experience in TEDxKL. To avoid confusion, I am Chloe who is going to blog about TEDxKL (Behind The Scene). Most of you may not know but I have been with the TEDxKL team for the past 3 years! Have you heard of TEDxKL yet? Perhaps you would have come across it in the newspaper or even Twitter? For those of you who read The Star Newspaper and tweet, I am pretty sure that you read about TEDxKL since it was being featured numerals time and it was trending on Twitter!

These are the evidences haha ;)

The 5th TEDxKL was held at the Mid Valley Convention Centre last Saturday, 3 August 2013 where it breaks its record again accommodating over 2000 people in the conference hall! This year in TEDxKL, we proudly feature both local and international presenters; Robest YongEe Soon WeiKosal KhievGopi SekharCheryl Tan & Az SamadProf. Jafri Malin AbdullahZungAntony EvansRizal Van GeyzelPeter SageJonathan Buford and Red Hong Yi.


So, I would like to start off with the people in TEDxKL team :) . TEDxKL is co-curated by Jason Ng and Daniel Cerventus Lim who led over 90 youths ranging from 16 -30 years old in the team. All of us came from different backgrounds; law, economics, psychology, design yada yada. We took months to plan for this event where we do venue hunting, marketing, logistics, public relations etc. To cut the long story short, I will fast forward to a few days before TEDxKL. :)

Throughout the three days before TEDxKL, we had meetings at night (since most of us have work/studies in the morning) to discuss about the event flow, policies and challenges for TEDxKL. Here is a picture of us (a portion of the team) having our supper after the meeting haha. Just FYI, all the pictures in this blog post came from various sources. Hence, the inconsistency of the picture quality.  

And, here comes the exciting part which involves most of the hard labor and practical skills; The Preparation Day! Also, counting down to one day before TEDxKL :) . The set up started at around 10am and ends at 12am. 

The lovely ladies in the team who helped carry things into the hall. 

We also have our very own Goodie Bag Production Line! haha.

The Audio Visual Team who is going through the slides of TEDxKL.

The Design Team who is setting up the chalk board.

Ever wonder how all the chairs are set up in the hall? haha. We actually do it manually! And yes, we carried over 2000 chairs from the loading bay into the hall. I guess I now find men who can carry stacks of chairs really sexy. xD Kudos to the guys and also our Muslim friends who were on 'puasa' and still worked really hard.

Almost there! *peace

I was there helping to arrange the chairs too. Trust me, it is not as easy as it looks :/. We actually took about 5 hours to do it *sweats.

The last briefing session on Friday night, 2 August 2013. 

Somehow we got lucky that day. Guess our pain and sweat got paid off? haha Some of our teammates bumped into a Hong Kong actor! I think I last saw him in a ghost movie. xD

On Friday, I went home at 12am and hit the sack at around 1am. My alarm clock was set at 6am since I need to be at Mid Valley at 7:30am. I guess I worked quite hard on Friday? On the next morning when I am awake, my mum was telling me that I had a nightmare and was yelling "Stop" continuously in my dream. haha Oh well!

Us waiting outside of the Mid Valley Convention Centre for the management guys to open the door at 9am. We are ready to hit the ground running! :D 

Chon Giap (left) briefing his runner teammates. Meantime, the exhibition booths and registration counters are being set up. I hope that you went to the toilet behind the conference hall because my team and I actually stuck some life hack tips on the cubicle door, aiming to make your day in TEDxKL to the fullest. 

If you are wondering what is my role in TEDxKL, I am co-leading Logistic team where my role is to be on standby for whatever surprises that may happen during the event day. From what I had experienced during TEDxKL, there were issues of 'electricity' where the switches are not working, not enough of water bottles, not enough of tapes, yada yada. I am thrilled when a lady came to me and asked "Where is the surau?" because my team had actually prepared a list of important directions such as police station, ATMs, clinics, convenient store, surau yada yada. I am really happy that the list came in handy. Lesson learnt: We should be fully armed teehee!

source: Facebook. I saw it uploaded on Facebook by a friend of my friend whom I forgot the name. Sorry for not crediting you. 

If you would like to know about the content of our presenters, I am the wrong person to ask since I am outside of the conference hall most of the time. But, I was lucky to be able to attend a Zung's session. The pictures he took touches me deeply. Watch this video and you will know how I felt :) 

While everyone was in the conference hall, there were interview sessions for the presenters done by NTV 7 just right in front of the photo wall. :)

Here I present you Ee Soon Wei and.....

Red Hong Yi! I was actually quite upset that I wasn't able to grab a picture with her but not anymore! I will blog about it on my next post haha

This is a picture of our smiling audience from TEDxKL. As a team in TEDxKL, all of us hope to deliver the most amazing experience for the audiences. If you are one of the happy audiences, do comment over here. I am sure that we are all delighted to hear more from you. If you are not, do comment over here too. We would like to improve and deliver a better TEDxKL for you in the near future. :) 

Almost instantly after TEDxKL is over, we had to start packing as we need to leave the hall by 12am. I think I know how Cinderella feels now haha. 

Due to the limited time we have, we girls decided to take action! And, I am surprised at how we can actually carry this much of chairs! Again, we have to stack up the chairs and carry it manually from the conference hall to the loading bay. Not only that, we need to carry about 50 tables and 50 beanbags to the loading bay. I personally think that this is a really good team building session haha. We actually cracked out jokes and had a lot of fun doing this! 

Take a break, have a Cha Time. Took this picture while we are waiting for our drinks. 

I will end this post with a colorful picture of the TEDxKL Team! :) We will see you next year. Byeeeeee




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