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TEDxKL 2013

If you've been reading some of the post of TEDxKL its usually from Chloe, since she is an insider in this she knows more on the fundamentals of this and she was the one who introduced me to TEDx. It started with TEDxYouth 2012 I went alone because I couldn't think of anyone who will be interested in it. Even when Chloe told me about it I was still "mehh~ " but I will give it a try since she is part of the organizing team.

Such a good friend I am. I attended myself, even so I really enjoyed myself! The talks was inspiring and seriously amazing. So when TEDxKL 2013 was nearing I told her to let me know and my friends got to know about it as well. Thus I did not attend the event alone this time! haha I have my brother and friends to go together.

So I'm writing my experience as an audience in this event! This time the event was at Mid Valley Convention Center. Its really big since TEDxKL is the only on going event that day. I'm going to be honest here we were lining up halfway only we knew that you have to line up according to your first name alphabet that you register. We then realized 'T's are the commoners. I still do not know why not they just give us the empty tag(either to write on spot/writing ourselves) instead of pre-writing it earlier. Save pen, hogging the line? Though the delay was quite disappointing, I had hours to spare so I visited all the booths lols.

There were several booths there that I am interested in like:-

IM4U - I think they are all about volunteering, the reason that I was at their booth was because (not hot guys lah but for hot guys lahhh) I volunteered to be a volunteer at Barcelona vs Harimau Malaya this 10th Aug 2013! Hahaha

Genovasi - They have workshops like to encourage a different way of thinking or critical thinking for new ideas. For the moment if you are a Malaysian the fee is FREE! The guy there assured that I was eligible to enrol as I am below 35 LOL.

Digital Malaysia - They were promoting their FREE Magazines with unlimited download! Abit too many to sign up with, I tried it myself. You can follow the instructions below and reading the magazines are free for selected magazine and selected pages only. It is still good I can tell u that along with their quality!

Follow the instructions here :)

Though there are normal ones like the star booth and all. There was a huge anticipating crowd outside. They did apologized for their technical difficulties and the emcees were great and knows how to please the crowd haha. 

All speakers were really great! Truly doing their part in helping the society with creating ideas that can simplify our lives better. The concept for TEDxKL 2013 was 'Life Hacks' it refers to the productivity tricks that people come up with in order to manage one's time in a more efficient way. I wonder does that mean that creating result faster for a lazy men. Watching it whole video will make you understand further! I will update this post as soon as the video is posted for sharing :)

Robest Yong
The content that he spoke about that day was Smartphones for the Blind. Reading the title made me curious and "how-the-hell?". The kick off point of Mr. Robest Yong was so great and very innovative but needs so much development and further improvement to it. Brailling a screen protector is cool hence letting them type but what else? Place me at a very curious state to know more about this.

Ee Soon Wei
Ee Soon Wei
Someone in our generation trying his best to preserve and giving a chance for the world to have a look on how printing was decades ago. It was because in our generation who still picks up blocks and to create information when look at me right now typing me ass off the keyboard so in today's culture or social or commercial it doesn't come together or I think fit in anymore hence, this family heritage of his will be sustained by turning it into something more, a Natural heritage. Thus keeping the legacy alive!

You can find this at - 29, Jalan Hang Jebat, Malacca. Malaysia; Drop by if you are in Malacca.

Kosal Khiev
Kosal Khiev
How would you see someone who has been in the prison before and I bet all of us (at least me) are very interested with their story. He came on stage and I thought "gangstaaa" lols jokes. ;/ He then tell his story where he was born in a refugee camp and imprisoned for 14 years and now, World Leading Poet. He recited his poetry on stage though I see poetry differently whenever a guy tells it. He was sort of rapping tone to it but there was a difference where I felt the chills as he expressed his poetry with such emotion and his hands was steering around. His poem caught me at ".. not born and die in the same dirt, but born and die with the same love" Sorry I couldn't really remember his exact words was I hope I am right haha.

Gopi Sekhar

Gopi Sekhar
I'm a jack and also a jackass xD they were introducing Gopi Sekhar on stage and they asked what do you think of when you think about rubber... Don't judge but I bet some of you have the same thoughts as me and knows exactly what am I thinking about! And awkwardly about that is, he was actually gonna tell about tyres, and as he came on stage he has one on him as well ;/ woops. He was showing graphs about chemistry linkage between the rubber thing. That moment I went "duhh.." Thank God he was then comparing to cake! I was like oh! I see. Very good apple to apple way of telling! I totally got what he was trying to say after that and his ideas on how to recycle with minimal energy consumption.

Cheryl Tan and Az Samad
After so many talks there was a performance from Cheryl and Az. It was more than just a performance because they intervene their concept of hacks by serenading their buatan Malaysia(Made in Malaysia) music. I think that they harmonized beautifully and her voice is somewhat must be heard rather than be expressed with words. Super stunning ;D

Prof Jafri Abdullah
You should see my face when Professor Jafri Abdullah talks about breeding eggs for virus to cure brain tumour. He showed great results on his findings and also he made me realized how amazing Malaysia's research team was! Why I said you should see my face was I thought I was going through a lecture from Mr Ananda's(a teacher from my high school) Biology(a subject that I dropped!) Class!!!!

I didn't thought that TEDxKL could tweet vulgar ;/ haha as I said Zung is fking amazing seriously. Things that occur in his life made him depressed in a period of his life. He made me wonder how a man of 21 could cry for 7 times in a day. This life of his made him addicted to challenges and he was titled the ninja photographer!
Through his pictures you find soul. Certain images we see, erm in a magazine here as well or so we look at clothes photographer enhanced and beautify it for the eyes to focused on. Zung was invited to snap the fashion week and instead I would want to ask who is the photographer instead asking who is the designer for the clothes. This is kinda imba but he is that great! You have to watch the video for him!! or if you can't wait you can see some pictures

as you can see I grabbed it from the web.

Anthony Evans 
He was talking about growing plants and in the first few sentence I couldn't really catch what he said and what was so special about it. Then only I realize he was saying GLOWING plants! Avatar isn't exactly a sci-fi these are actually possible! (Erm. I went out after this sorry its science. kill me. Outside the talk I saw A. Samad Said and had a word with him awhile :3 heh heh heh~ though didn't wanted to interrupt him so I went back to the event.)

Rizal van Geyzel
Thing with comedians are they have these shots that they look decent but say the funniest things!!

Rizal van Geyzel
How cool is his name! I shouldn't say more about him as he is a comedian! You would totally love his talk on Malaysian Guide to life hacks because us as Malaysian can relate to it!!

Peter Sage
Peter Sage
He was one of the few that I really waiting to hear from though even his poster was so adjuring I find his talk was alright. What I agree was his term on "I don't need money, I need a better strategy". He was motivating everyone is the room to believe the impossible and making it the possible. He said inspirational quotes like "Remove blame and replace it with personal responsibility"
"We need to know when to give up the need to control"
He was inspiring also when he asked 'why did the ocean leave and then came back the next..' Watch the video to find out more!

Jonathan Buford
Jonathan is the founder of Makibox! When he talked about his invention he lead to a question and asked everyone in the crowd who knows what they want to print. A lot of people put their hands down including me. Haha. I given thoughts on it and think that it will be so good if my parents have it for their field.. - Lifehacking!

I grabbed this from the internet as well.
Shes a bubbly girl really in person and very friendly as well!

Hong Yi (aka Red)
She is an artist that doesn't paint with a paint brush. She said she left after she finish architecture course and a year she has accomplished so much :O! You might think that having her fame is awesome but she was once afraid and also overwhelmed by it. I think her closing for her speech left everyone questioning themselves as well "What are your paintbrushes? Perhaps it's time to throw it away" 

Saw this guy sketching away laying down on beanbags by Doof

We did not sit through the 7 amazing speakers without breaks in between of course. There were workshops where TEDx invited who are very interesting themselves! I was a bit late on this but there was coffee brewing session and there I met people that I forgot to get facebook from!! "I am that girl with grey hair!!" LOL. He and his friend was talking to me about coffee and their passion for it. He was asking me where I stay and where I live that he would recommend me for coffee joints that are good nearby.. That or good pick up line. Hahaha #vainpot ;D

Then I went for the rock climbing wall that they had. Big talkers like my brother says its wasn't even high but did not climb! I feel awesome cause I climbed to the top and I could have climb to the other side as well LOL! Jokes. haha When I came down the guys there were really friendly and I got a picture with the crew there! They are from Madmonkeyz btw! Do check them out! Cheaper I heard compare to the one in One Utama! :x

I got to the top!

I didn't realize the guy who took picture with me was the guy who. well. so near my crotch. -__- 

They were having good cake during their tea breaks from Humble Beginnings Mille Crepeeee! Check them out at various of places from Johor to Penang or Singapore even! At the end of the event was thinking to grab another bite with Joyce so we went around the restaurants in MidValley though it was buka puasa time and ALL the restaurants were fully booked, paid and reserve! No joke. So this aunty came up and told us "go somewhere with pork.. -___-" Thankyou aunty lols. But what she didn't know was she wasn't the only one because all the others who can take non halal food are lining up there already!! So we decided to go back to our places then. Besides this it was super inspiring and motivational day where after dinner I was working and 6am waking up for passport renewing. Go big or go home right? Lol!

After every talk there are sketches of them hand drawn on the spot by Sketch Post
So many epic people there!! Check out all the sketches!

Before-I-die board. " Steve Jobs" lol? bro.. you have to die to meet him.

Yi Ru


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