Monday, August 12, 2013

Singapore is a 'Fine' City.

I told my mum, we can't be just sitting at home for 4 days right? So the initial plans was Japan, then my mum was complaining how hot its going to be. Fine. Thailand! I just went to Thailand so I told them I only interested in following to Chiang Mai. Seems that its fully booked for the tour package. Right, Sipadan! Sabah's most beautiful island. Its consider one of the few top islands to visit actually. Though the price went up 100% for raya, so mum say we'll go but not on raya. -__- so then there was penang, manila, australia till just 5 days before raya. We heard that my dad's Singaporean friend was diagnosed with cancer. We went to renew our passport on sunday lol! Then my brother went to get bus ticket and I booked flight two days before.

I've been to Singapore a few times but this is actually my first time actually move around Singapore. So this is what I learnt from Singapore. 

Singapore never fail to awe me after people say how ridiculous it is to have a ship on a building.
It is still amazing the architectural work there!

Getting around
So when we reach the first thing was to get a EZ Link card. My brother was getting for all of us when :-

Bro : I was topping up the card when I saw the guy in front placing his phone on the machine. I was wondering what he was doing and realize he was topping up his card. He has his card on the cover. So cool! 
Me : That should get people's attention eh, we should do something like that as well! We should put something different! Why not i put it in between a bread people will thought why am I placing a sandwich on the top up machine! Haha
Mum over head our conversation and butt in
Mum : Maybe you should put a 'China bread' (中国包 aka pad) instead. 

Wtf mum!? 

He initially heard about how Singaporeans rush for a bus and asked "are Singaporeans like this when the train arrive???" Stoobiddd

Presbyopia at the train station
My mistake was to ask my mum to check the amount left on the EZ Link card. Whenever you scan there is an amount stated how much do you have left in the card. 

So i asked 
Me : Mii, how much we have left in the card 
I was on the other side and did not see my amount so i asked my mum to check.
My mum looked at the screen after she scanned, then she looked closely again... She then take off her glasses and looked... And moved closer to look... She then look at me and walk over
Me : So how much we have left? 
Mum : I.. I didn't see. 

You should have seen my mum's guilty face! Me and Joyce couldn't stop laughing our asses off! 

Joyce : Yiru yiru!! Ask me what time it is!!
Me : What time is it???
Joyce : Whaaat?? I don't know I am just looking at my hand! 
LOL maybe my mum was looking at the screen for specks of dust! Hahahah I then laugh till i fell on the floor at the train station and almost peed my pants. We are so bad for laughing at my mum but even now typing this I am laughing shit. Mum then threathen joyce for laughing at her. My mum is so cute haha.

My Top is from Zara. and its from the ladies department !
Erica said I look like some korean boy and I agree =__=

Being agitated AND presbyopia at the airport
When you are clearing custom at the airport, the machine where you place the passport is usually for locals of Singapore just like in Malaysia airports. So if you are a foreigner you have to queue at the counter. 

Dad went for a smoke while we clear customs first. He is easily agitated and he did not have his glasses with him that time. He went to the machine part and slide in his passport. It will show a warning sign. He couldn't see so he got frustrated and shove in his passport somemore! IT GOT STUCK hahahahahaha bahahahaha
The security guy had to open the cover and unlock the machine with the key to take out my dad's passport hahahahaahahahahha

Strict Singapore is still strict!
I am not allowed in the casinos(Two for that matter, the one at Sentosa and Marina Bays)!! They are freaking strict even if its just few days to spare! I swear to God. No wonder people always tell me once you are 21 you should go casino. I can go in and out of the casino 50 times holding my ID in their face. "Why do you want to do that?" BECAUSE I FKING CAN!!

So thats our experience in Singapore being silly and all. What you've always heard about singaporeans are true that they move at fast pace, running to catch a bus even! We get to experience that. I hope you learn a little while moving about in Singapore haha. Its how cute my parents made this little trip so funny ;/ I hope they don't mind me sharing a little. Apart from that hawker food in Singapore suck. Malaysia FTW!

BTW. Presbyopia is where you have gradual loss of eye ability to focus objects that are nearby. Its a part of aging at times.



Hahaha... it's really strict in Singapore but that's a good thing. :)

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