Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pink Brown Hair with Purple Highlights

I had my hair dyed for my 21st birthday this year and it was such a dilemma in the beginning to choose which hair colour to dye.
I love to play with hair colours, and I can go all out with it  but my only limitations is my current course and future career.
I wouldn't really bother to try really drastic colours even if it needs me to bleach my whole head.
Of course that would be damaging but I really don't mind cause I find it fun to try all the colours in the world with your hair.
Young and wild perhaps? :P

So honestly I had really no idea what colour to dye, all I knew was I wanted something fun and not too drastic so that I don't get kick out of uni lol.
I don't just want a plain one colour, I was desperate to try something different.
I went to number76 a few times when my personal hairstylist was away, and I think they were not bad.
I always tend to switch branches between them for some reason, perhaps finding the right hairstylist?

I didn't manage to book Hikky this time to do my hair, but its okay, I believe the staffs in number76 has their standards.
So anyhow I went to the Mont Kiara branch this time, and had my hair done by Jeddy.
I just roughly told him what I wanted, and that I like pink *in hope that I get pink highlights* but instead he told me I could get a pink brown on my hair (which I always wanted from last time. I thought the colour was decent and nice but that idea totally slipped off my mind that day) adnd he told me he would give me some highlights but he has to bleach it first.

So I was like okay! Just make sure it comes out nice....well you know since its my 21st I really want a nice hair so that my photos will turn out awesome on that day HEH.

So he mentioned something like 'uhm this colour will be slightly purple'
I thought he meant the shade wil be a bit purplish for the highlights.
However to my surprise after the whole procedure, while my hair was still wet, I saw PURPLE HAIR.
I was like SHOCK, but yet happy cause in my mind :
LOL so I was caught by surprise I didn't know he meant purple as in PURPLE for real.

After drying my hair and all with some curling, guess what.
My hair just turned out REALLLYYY AWESOME and I really love it.
I never had purple hair but there was always a side of me who wanted to try but you know, the 'pink' side of me forever wanted pink hair.

Thank you to the awesome Jeddy from Number76 Mont Kiara branch for the awesome hair!
I really love it!

20130728_120326-1 photoshake_1374923460533
So the above pictures are taken right after I dyed my hair.
As you can see these pictures are taken with Iphone, so the colour here looks really light.

Below pictures are taken after one wash. Sorry if my hair looks a little oily. 
it was after uni and I really wanted to wash my hair but I was afraid that the colour might be different so  I had to quickly take pictures of it :D


You see the first picture, the colour is really enhance. 
I edited the picture colour because in real life is like the enhance one.
But when I took it with my camera, it was overexposed, so, it turned out really light on pictures :)
So the pictures below are all enhanced edited but they are how they actually look like in real life :)

P1020906-2P1020895-1 P1020938-9 P1020937-8 P1020929-6 P1020936-7

Yeap thats like almost all angles to look at my hair colour.
So basically this colour is called Pink Brown based with Purple highlights :)

Here are some pictures of my previous hair colours.


My first ever hair dye after high school. BLONDEEE. Gold. I forgot what's the name of the colour cause it's like 3 years ago.


Red Dip Dye last year July.


Pink...undearneath.. don't know what this is called for last year Christmas :)

All these 3 hair colours are done by Finn Chia.
Find him at:

Finn Chia Gallery

AS115-2nd floor,
(In front Fashion City)
Sungei Wang Plaza,
Jalan Sultan Ismail, 
50250 Kuala Lumpur 

and remember my purple hair is from number76 mont kiara branch by Jeddy!



Seems like this hair dye is very in-trend now...

I guess so, but I did it because I wanted to try :)


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