Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pacific Coffee Company @C180 Cheras

I was never a fan of Starbucks or Coffee bean as these were the more popular coffee companies I can still count the number of times I've bought coffee from these places as well. Maybe because of the media is constantly trying to bring down starbucks especially saying how high in calories their drinks are and you can't say its not true because some of their drinks really weigh a meal.

Another factor was I live in some jungle and the nearest coffee place to me is.. McDonalds Starbucks where I still have to take pay my parking ticket. What I heard was the nearest great coffee is in Taman Desa, I've asked the 'experts' haha. Though recently C180 Cheras Perdana has just opened a Pacific Coffee Company franchise. Premium coffee house from Hong Kong, a place for decent coffee without having to pay or find a parking.

So that morning I was stressing over work as usual but I have hours to chill before I need to start my work again. Pacific Coffee was great and near. The space is spacious and their seating is divided into 3 areas and all 3 areas are equipped with reading materials within reach. Plus I really like how the place is lighted up and bright instead of an dim interior. As far as having a spacious place is good, I don't see how they are going to workout when they have larger group of customers as you have to do pick-up, and their pick-up counter is same as their cashier counter/ordering counter. emm. Not my say in this, but we'll see.

Their reading materials there can let you read for two days. lol. Though some of the staffs here are still new, doesn't really have the initiative to clean up my plates (I don't whether are they suppose to but I presume they have to).Still they are still friendly where they are smiling while serving everyone.

Herringbone Tile as their 'trademarking' tile in most their branches.
I appreciated the use of this since its so niceee. 

Coffee here are great, because it has variety of milk to choose and of course they changes their brew(monthly). I don't really like milk and especially low fat milk, fresh milk or cream milk. I only take soy milk or skimmed milk. Also its healthier and if you are lactose intolerant you can also opt for soy milk. They also serve flavored milk, that also means adding syrup to your beverage. Eg. Peppermint Mocha Latte :D 

Okay I didn't asked what flavour they have but you can ask! Peppermint mocha could be like 'After-Eight' chocolate x) thats what I could relate to. Oh speaking of chocolate, I smelt their as my friend drank the chocolate Paradise, super warm! Would be comfortable if its raining out and having that warm chocolate as a comfort drink.

Bring your bucket.

Along typing this post I was thinking I would usually order americano, while erica would get lattes and Chloe(with her fancy of milo) usually opt for mocha or chocolate. Its like adding more ingredients to the cup as the package gets smaller. :/ 

We do share our commons for the likes of teas, Pacific Coffee has their own gourmet teas in front of their counter to choose from. PCC also serve organic coffee plus they are Fair Trade Certified. It means that they farm their beans at a quantity at the rules given by the Fair Trade Organization. Pro-me #winks. Organic coffee are just the growing condition just like any other organic food out there. It seems that it also has a more intense, pure and aromatic taste/smell to it due to their environment of growth... yes =__= I paid +Rm1 for it...

My breakfast that lasted till lunch since I sat there for 3+ hours lol.
Yes. My organic coffee ;/ Crema Scura Americano with my Tuna Croissant serve with Side sald in Toasted Sesame oil. 

Operating hours:
Sun-Thur : 9:30 - 23:00
Fri - Sat : 9:30 - 00:00


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