Sunday, August 4, 2013

My 21st Birthday!

One week has pass since my birthday.
Finally had time to edit all the pictures and also type this post since our 30 days challenge has ended! :)


21st in my culture/country at least, is like the 'big thing'.
The age where you are surpposingly considered 'free' and where people have grand birthday celebration for anyone who is turning 21st.
Or so that I grow up to witness that.

*I think this is going to be a long long post*

Anyhow birthdays has always been a big thing to me.
I always get myself prepared for birthdays, nice dress and hair must be ready before the day comes.
Since this year is like the supposed 'grant birthday', I have been wondering how should I celebrate it.

I didn't give much thought to it at first because I was so busy with uni and all.
Then finally came the month of July, so I had to get my brain juice working.

Honestly no one was free to actually help me plan or anything, I really had to do most of the work myself with some help from Yi Ru and Paul.

I didn't know where to hold it so I was in search of places like restaurants in Changkat KL and alexis, milk and butter and what not.
Had to do all the calling and emailing to see their menus and prices.
Only till like nearing the end Yi Ru suddenly mentioned about delicious.

So I checked out Delicious and found this branch in Dua Residency.
I googled the picture of that place and it looks quite pretty!
After some emailing and discussion with the Delicious staff, I have decided that I should hold it there since the deal is not bad and the place is pretty and decent for a birthday party :)

Then comes the problem with the cake.
Usually I couldn't really be bothered about birthday cakes.
However this time, its the 21st! (Yea its a really big deal to me hehe)
Like I always see people having a huge key shape cake.
So its like a super traditional thing and I want to follow that tradition too. (Ok, so what if I am traditional? :P conservatiiiveeeeee!)

I didn't know where to order such a big cake with a limited budget.
So Yi Ru gave me two websites/facebook page of people who make custom-make cakes.
I emailed them and finally had a successful deal with one of them and we discussed on the design of the cake.
Yi Ru helped me with some of the cake ideas and I would say that the final cake design is based on Kyrina(the cake designer), Yi Ru and me :)
The cake came out beautiful, I love it, and it was quite tasty!
Applause to Kyrina! :)


Here's to the awesome cake designer Kyrina from Chewies Delight! :)
Here is her facebook page :)

My cake decides to steal my spotlight when it arrived. LOL
Everyone was taking picture of it!

Found the right dress finally in JB, and had my hair done in number76 by Jeddy.
I love how my hair turned out !

So then comes the big day!
Went all the way back to KL with Weng and Paul for that day.

Overall I would say that the birthday was quite successful and it was fun and I super love that day!
Only regrets is I didn't spend enough time with everyone that came that day! :/
I was so busy running around talking to as much people as I could.
But I am thankful and grateful and really thank you all of you that made it that day, that made my birthday really awesomeeeeee thank you so so much! I love all of you honestly.
Thank you Weng for being the photographer!
Thank you all you from church followed the dress code!

Talking bout dress code, the funniest moment was when Ben and Weng was punished because they didn't follow the dress code.
The had to stuff their mouth with biscuits and then sing happy birthday to me.
Super epic!

By the way, there was a proposal going on during my birthday.
It was super touching and sweet!

Also had second round with Hui Xsin and Werner Changkat, KL because she didn't make it earlier.
Thank you for coming all the way from Klang!

Photos from that night!

DSC_2043-56 DSC_2052-63 DSC_2054-64 DSC_2071-79 DSC_2081-88 DSC_2117-124 DSC_2225-195 DSC_2229-197 DSC_2238-203 DSC_2260-220 DSC_2272-224 DSC_2251-214 DSC_2292-241


Personally find this last picture cute :P

The birthday celebration hasn't ended..............

I celebrated on the 27th which is not the actual day.
The actual days was on 29th July, and I celebrated the remaining with all my beloved Monash friends in JB that couldn't make it back to KL for the celebration :)

Went Rosemarino dinner with Paul, and ate Wagyu beef for RM108 LOL thanks Paul hahahahahha I can't believe he paid for that.
I knew something was going on cause Paul was texting more than usual.
So when I went back at around 12am, my friends were already in my house waiting to surprise me.

I think to me that wasn't the surprise.
The surprising part to me was when they decorated the house with glow sticks and they were all holding glow sticks in the dark.
It was so pretty!
What is more surprising is that I had a custom-made MINION CAKE LOL.

DSC_2393-32 DSC_2395-34

I think they think that I am on minion craze thats why HAHAHA.
The baker must think why this 21 year old girl wants a minion cake LOL.


Thank you Paul and Pei Nee for planning the surprisee!
It was awesome and thank you all that came that day to surprise me !

DSC_2426-60 DSC_2429-62 DSC_2433-64 DSC_2441-68 DSC_2450-73 DSC_2459-80 DSC_2462-82 DSC_2477-92 DSC_2482-94 DSC_2487-98 DSC_2491-101 DSC_2496-103 

 The next day, which is my actual birthday, I think the excitement of my birthday is over cause I was like busy focusing on unfinished work and ate instant noodle for lunch...gosh.

To end the birthday, I had dinner with 'God-knows-how-many-' guys were there and Abby.
If Abby didn't come I would be the only girl there, and I wonder why.
Because Pei Nee had exam the next day so she couldn't come :/
I had a great time at the dinner, and once again, I thank you all that came!


Polaroids from dinner on the actual day :)


Huge bear from my church friends and other presents.
Thank you I really love all the presents and this humoungous bear!!! 


and here's to my very own 21st key from my parents :)
I love this so much!

So I conclude that, I had a really awesome 21st birthday!
I really love all the celebrations.
Thank God really for awesome family members and friends.
Thank you all once again for coming and celebrating, and wishing me, I really really appreciate it.
Thank you Sean and Kok hin for trying to facetime me even though fail, and Sean for the birthday song on whatsapp and the picture :) I miss you!
Thank you for the overseas call Mei Theng and Su Zanne! All the way from Aussie and Canada :)
Thank you all for the awesome present, especially the humongous bear from my church friends! :)




Eh, what key shape cake!

That's definitely a penis..


Hahahaha omg spenser! Is a key shape! Something is wrong with your eyes! LOL.


Awesome celebrationnn... the key shape cake is just too obscene! :P I think i would like that gift from ur parents too! :D

Thanks! Hahaha I don't know why everyone thinks its obscene! I think its cute :P and thanks! :)


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