Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Little Talks - Horoscope

Couldn't remember why I was reading horoscope that day but as I was reading about horoscope online and at the same time I was chatting with Chloe so I asked her in facebook,

Yva : Eh, you are a Taurus right?

She replied. Right then I felt so bad because I thought I remembered wrongly and mistaken her for a Taurus and she was mad about it... I paused and she continued.

Chloe: I mean yes LOL
Yva : Wtf, super stooobid. You are a cow okay?!
Chloe : Hahahaha
Yva : They don't roar!!
Chloe : Moo

I lmao-ed in front of my computer!

Chloe : So now I 'moo' it will be yes and 'moono' is no, okay?
Yva : It should be 'moo' means yes and 'noooo' means no!

hahaha. super stupid! we were actually having this conversation and getting so serious! She so serious and fired back!

Chloe : Noob! I'm a cow, and you are not! So shut up!


Usually I read horoscope when I needed a little hope or faith. Maybe guidance also and it really helps so bring my mood back and motivate a little. Wonder how do they get into the horoscope department lol! If you are in one then you should be happy because you are giving hope!

Yi Ru


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