Friday, August 16, 2013

You Look Good

This is a post, to all who has issues with how they look, or self-esteem.

I know there a lot of people out there, our own selves as well, in some point of our life has issues with the way we look. We think that we are not good looking enough, other people are so beautiful/handsome, why am I not like them, I wish I was taller, had sharper nose and so on.

I had the inspiration to type this when I saw one insta video by Christina Grimmie *one of my fav youtubers* who was also talking about this.

This is so true in our society now! Or perhaps even from last time there has been always issues like this that persisted since forever.
We are probably never satisfied with what we have and always complain.

  • What I want to point out here is, never, NEVER, think yourself as ugly, not worthy, lacking something, not useful, not good enough.

I've seen many people posting pictures of themselves yet call themselves ugly, or actually am depressed with the way they look every time they look at the mirror.

Take time and think about this, you might not have a sharp nose or what not, but there are people in this world who has it worse than you, or as what the world would call it 'uglier than you'
AND, there is ALWAYS, like REALLY ALWAYS someone much good-looking than you.

  • There is no end to this comparison
as there is no one ever called 'most good looking person in the world' because its not true. Perhaps 90% of people will think so, the other 10% will think otherwise.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 
One person thinks this girl is pretty the other might not think so.
I believe you would understand that fact as everyone has a different opinion on everything.

So what happens to the people who the world calls 'UGLIEST PERSON EVER'
They either drown in depression or learn how to deal with it. Accept it and make the best out of it thanking God for everything He has given you.
Yes I know it is easier said than done, but honestly, am I not making a point here that everyone is imperfect in some ways?

  • None of us are perfect. 
You may say to me 'oh you have a decent face you don't get it'
Hey, I am short and dark and I have a big nose. I am sure not a lot of people wants those features right, rather choose tall fair and sharp nose? :)

  • Everyone is lacking something. 
Sometimes you may think, 'Oh if only I have her/his face/features, it would be perfect.'
Think again, even the person you perceives as perfect looking have issues of their own. There are still things they themselves are unsatisfy with and wants to change, because the point is, no one is perfect.

  • Your attitude/character is much more important.
If you have a gorgeous face with crap attitude it doesn't make any difference. Maybe at the beginning many guys/girls want to go after you/know you. However after they know the REAL you, its time to say bye cause they can't stand the attitude of yours.

Whats inside is more beautiful than the outside, and if the inside of you is beautiful, your outside will be beautiful automatically.
Yes looks matter but don't be so engross to it. Dress up yourself, be presentable, and be yourself. Can learn some fashion tips online but just don't overdo it.
Because in the end, the inside is really the most important. Your heart,

and the conclusion would be,
Thank God for who you are and what you have because God made us and we are all beautiful in our own ways.
Thats what makes us special.
God satisfies us and we lack nothing when we have Him, because all others are material stuffs, which does not matter in the end.
Will you honestly think about how you look the second before you die?

Here's a verse to all of you.
If you're not christian, it still applies to you lah! Duh!

Psalms 139:14 (NIV)
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are beautiful, I know that full well.

Watch this if you all have time. :)
God bless!



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