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GM Diet -Review and Experience

From my previous post you would have an overview of how the diet would be like. Yeah 8 bananas. lol! I did not let this diet obstruct my daily work and about. I did record down how I was feeling each day though I only weigh in on my first day and on my last day. Also because I wasn't using a digital scale to record it hence it would be stupid to tear my eyes out to look at the analog scale.

It was totally spontaneous starting this diet as I was thinking whether to fast(I did this during July) or do this cleanse and I was over working that time till I had very little time to sleep, but heck it after work I just went to the grocers to pick up whatever I needed. I couldn't wait to start this cleanse also as it seems so interesting.

Day 1 (Thursday) - Only Fruits

Weighed in during my morning, took my body measurements.
Mood - abit off as maybe cause I binged from working late last night.

What I Ate :
Cantaloupe(I think I had almost half of the cantaloupe)
Water (2800ml)

This is my fast food.

It was fine bringing fruits to work and also easy throughout the day. I kept going to the toilet haha. I went home and slept early as I slept late previously. 

Day 2 (Friday) - All Vegetables

Did not weigh in
Mood - I was abit scare as I had a client meeting at 7

What I Ate :
1 Medium Baked Sweet Potato (for energy!)
Raw Cabbages
Cherry Tomatoes
Water (2800ml)

These are the veges for the Wonder Soup actually. What I should have taken for day 2!

I had to preserve my potato haha so I ate half in the morning and pair it with other vegetables in the afternoon as well. I should have prep better for this day like cooking the wonder soup I was so hungry! At night I had a client meeting I wanted to go home as soon as possible because I had gastric so I did not want to starve myself. Thank God I didn't had to attend that meeting after all.

Day 3 (Saturday) - Fruits and Vegetables

Weighed in - Did not lose any weight
Mood - Excited and woke up early

What I Ate :
Baked zucchini and carrot fries
Cherry Tomatoes
Apricots (I think)
Water (Forgot ;D)
Coffee (Single Origins - No Sugar, No Milk, No Creamer, Nothing)

Was a good day! 
Met some of the most awesome people! I was really proud of myself that day as well.
You see, at the end of the event Linora had a fun competition where we have to out-plank each other.
Me and Evelyn(one of the nicest people I've met) was the last two girls standing(planking)! Out planking lots of guys in the room ;D!
I woke up early as Linora hosted a "Breakfast like Linora Low" it was so much fun! Though I almost forgot to eat I just grabbed a kiwi and went to the event. It was for milo breakfast movement thing and we were suppose to workout with Linora! Everyone who attended seems to know her and already in good shape lol!
They had refreshments for lunch I sigh in relief as it was all healthy choices. So i took my fruits.

Plank to Push up 30secs x2
Mountain Climber to Side Mountain Climber 30secs x2
Jumping Lunges to Squats 30secs x2
Push up Burpees 30secs x2
High Kicks 30secs x2
Point to point run + Push up 30secs x2
I hate every pushup....

45mins of Body Combat.

What was hard about the day was I had a birthday dinner to go to at night. Eating out in public people would go like 'why are you on diet' i really had to order salad that night. With minimum dressing. So, no.. You can't order a caesar salad. 

Day 4 (Sunday) - Banana!!! and skimmed milk.

Did not weigh in
Mood : I was so excited!

What I ate : 
8 bananas. :D
4 glass of skimmed milk
3 bowls of wonder soup

Haha! This is what natural ice cream looks like(Could have look better -_-)

As soon as I got up i ate two bananas and a cup of milk. I thought why not i eat the bananas differently. Hence! I made banana ice cream - 1 ingredient recipe :/ perfect for me.

All you got to do is chop the bananas into coins and freeze them! It would be better if you have a food mixer but i just use fork lol. Then I pop them back into the freezer and scoop them out after! Rocket science. 
Anyways i knew i wont be full with only bananas so I made the wonder soup. I took 3 bowls that day. BTW
I went to the toilet alot on this day. About 4 times I think.

Day 5 (Monday) - BEEF and tomatoes

Did not weigh in
Mood : Ashley came back from Australia so I'm looking forward for dinner

What I ate :
Beef Kebabs 200g
Stir Fry Beef 200g
Grass Fed Striploin 200g
Cherry Tomatoes and some vege
Water (2800ml)

Dinner at Las Vacas for good beef steaks! I am a bread sucker, but I resisted that garlic bread!

Actually this day should be pair with 6 tomatoes, but i forgot :D haha. I just took beef. It wasn't a problem as I start to love beef. I didn't even want to have chicken as an option since beef has more nutrients and iron that the ladies need. Though I think you should eat the tomatoes because of the water content that you will be getting as beef is high in protein you might be dehydrated. Your stools will be harder ;x

Day 6 (Tuesday) - Beef and Vege
Did not weigh in
Mood : Starting to get tired of beef.

What I Ate :
Cherry Tomatoes
Wonder Soup
Water (2800ml + 3mugs of water /din measure)

Kebabs, pre-grill
I was the chef of this amazing steak 
At this point I really tired of beef I just want this diet to end LOL. I was craving crazy for my breads. I'm a sucker for bread, I was thinking sourdough bread, foccacia, german muesli bread... Although on day 6 you can have unlimited beef, I skipped some as I didn't really feel like eating it anymore.

Plank 1min 
High Knees 1min 
Mountain Climber 30sec 
Crunches 25  
Tricep Dips 20 
Bridges 1 song 
Two sets

Day 7 (Wednesday) - Brown Rice, Vege and Fruits
Did not weigh in
Mood : Looking forward to rice!

What I Ate :
Half a papaya :D
Oriental Fried Brown Rice
Beetroot Brown Rice
Beetroot Juice lol
Cabbage Mixed Vege Roll
A Cup of Ginger Tea
Water (2800ml)

This awkward looking presentation of Fried Rice by BMS Organic. Portion wasn't enough for me.
This is really nice. I like how moist it is instead of having a gulp of oil behind my throat.
Grabbed from their Facebook. What Chloe had that night. Fits in my cleanse.

I wasn't in particular craving for brown rice I just thinking about bread. I did not buy brown rice as I felt that it will be expensive and no one in my family eats it. So I went to BMS Organic restaurant, they serve organic meals so I figured I can find some brown rice there. Its really good the food there and don't have the perception that if its healthy it taste bland. Thats the shallowest thing to think because you haven't tried it.
I called up Chloe for dinner as she wanted to try some organic shop at Mahkota Cheras as well. We went to Green Talk where I had Beetroot rice. I really like it! I might cook it myself next time

Day 8 (Thursday) - Clear!
I lost 4lbs thats around 2kg 
Mood : Was content also I got to eat bread (though had to wait till night)

What I Ate :
Tortilla Wrapped with Scrambled Egg 
Tortilla w/ spinach and avocado
Cranberry Sourdough Bread
Wrapped this and went to work. I'm always late so this was a quick breakfast to make.
I didn't even turn on the stove, as I microwaved my eggs lol! 

I wish I could have check my fat percentage, I would be thoroughly happy for sure.
My measurements maintained though I was having less bloat(yes I bloat) and my stress stomach was better than usual. Seems that my thigh measurements went down an inch as well. Later that night I went for a haircut haha.

Some reviews they don't tell you what to do on day 8, although they say you can eat normally but doesn't mean you can down 8 roti canai with a plate of nasi lemak ayam goreng with two telur mata kerbau and a cup of teh o ais. I find this cleanse much recommended compare to the previous one I did before at a center where I had to fast. Sometimes when you fast, its more troublesome because then you have to recover from a fast. This GM Diet cleanse you are recovering as you cleanse as you can eat rice on day 7 which is really good.

Tips on this cleanse is :

- Stay determine because its just 7 days.  
- Drink lots of water. Daily intake of water is at least 8 cups. Thats your minimum actually. 
- Get the right food and don't comfort yourself or cheat! 
- You can say 'No' and eating salad doesn't make you lame. 
- Stop if you are feeling really not comfortable or take a rest. 
- I resist weighing myself everyday because I know I wouldn't drop alot of lbs. That day when I weigh in and realize I did not lose any weight I was sort of down so I would rather weigh myself on my starting point of date and when it ends.
- [Important] Eat your breakfast! and have snack time! 

I had fun during this diet and I would definitely do it again after 6months or so. If you are considering this diet and have any questions you can always ask me or email me :)



So healthy! Myself too trying to avoid carbs now, for now i only have fruits and yogurt for brunch! :)

Hello u! haha dont avoid carbs instead take complex carbs. Which means avoid the white rice but opt for red rice/brown rice. :) Wholegrain bread instead of white bread! Make sure you are consuming enough also yeah

I really appreciate that you took time write article on 7 Days GM Diet Plan To Lose weight

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