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Food I explored in JB!

Helloooo! I have been rushing assignments and presentations for the past week or so. Been super duper busy!! Again finally found time to blog on the weekend.

For this post, I am going to talk about the few food places I explored in Johor Bahru.

As most of you know, I am from KL. I am living in Johor Bahru for my clinical studies.
I have never been to Johor like all my life before last year. I only came last year to look for accomodation here.

So I was very clueless with the place here and I have no idea what kind of place Johor is.
What more about the food right?
Since I have to live here for the next 2.5 to 3 years, I decided I should explore the food around here so that I have more choices when I am too lazy to cook at home.

Most of the places are found by recommendation by friends, accidental finding or maybe through some blogs online. JB people! Please don't say that you know better places and you think that is too mainstream haha :P of course you do, I'm only here for a little while so this is what I have found so far.

Asam Laksa

This is a random truck selling what they claim 'Penang Laksa and Cendol'.
Its just a small truck in between shops. Found this out also on some blogs online and decided to try.
Since usually JB laksa are those curry laksa, I was craving for Asam Laksa, the sour ones.

For just RM4, this bowl is packed with flavours! Of course it is not as nice as the Penang one, I wouldn't say its extremely awesome but I think for RM4 this is quite worth it! It satisfied my cravings for Asam Laksa! 

No name food truck ( Truck no: JEA 9218)
Address: Back lane off Jalan Pahlawan 1, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Johor Bahru
11am to 6pm

Nasi Lemak


Next up! This is also in Ungku Tun Aminah. I have at least 3 food stuff of this place to blog here!
Came across this Nasi Lemak stall on a blog.
We usually never go all the way to ungku aminah, because its so far from the place I stay! 
Well not exactly far but on usual days with classes and all we wouldn't drive all the way there to eat.
I went there for the pasar malam, then saw this food court place and found the Nasi Lemak stall the blog was talking about.

There was quite many people queueing up for it when I reach there.
They had 3 choices for rice, that is pandan, briyani and normal nasi lemak.
They were famous for the rendang, but I took the curry sauce that they had there as well.
There was no more pandan rice so I took the briyani rice.

After sitting down and taking a spoon of my rice with some curry sauce on it, I went, OMG!
It taste so awesome! One of the best nasi lemak I tried. It has a different feel from the village park nasi lemak (KL people you would know). But what I would comment is that, is quite good for just a random stall in a food court! :)

32 Melaka Nasi Lemak
Stall inside Restoran 777 Food Centre, Jalan Perkasa 4, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Johor Bahru
6pm to midnight.

Seafood Tomato Soup Noodle


Finally the last one from the same place, Seafood Tomato Soup Noodle!
Well its not exactly seafood noodle but tomato soup with pack loads of seafood!
The price is very reasonable for the amount of seafood and I think its not bad for lunch.
The place there is quite chilling with perhaps I would call it, authentic design ?

Restoran Savage 山番王叻沙
Address: 138, Jalan Pahlawan 2, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Skudai
8am to 9pm

Paper Baked Herbal Chicken


 Now comes to the herbal chicken I had yesterday night for dinner.
Been hearing a lot of my friends talking about this place but haven't got the chance to try.
For me if you like herbal food or soups you might like this.
I think I have tried something better than this, but I think the herbal chicken is not bad.
Its not like wow super awesome but its good for dinner :)

Restaurant Teck Sing Sdn. Bhd. 
No. 3 & 5, Jalan Sutera 1, Taman Sentosa,Johor Bahru, Johor, 80150

Fried Fish Dry Noodle


Usually I always go around Pelangi area for lunch cause its nearer. There are quite a number of food places there I would say!
There are some shops even I myself haven't tried yet.
Tried this shop call big bowl. Always seen a lot of people eating in that shop so one day decided that I should give it a try.
Errrr well I didn't actually ordered this noodle, but Paul did.
But I tried his and I think its good!
The noodles are handmade, if I am not mistake is spinach handmade noodles (the menu is in Chinese, couldn't read :/)
He ordered it dry, and I am very surprise that it taste good! I quite like it!

Big Bowl Sdn Bhd
Jalan Maju, Taman Maju Jaya
(sorry not very sure of the address)

Asam Fish Head 


Had this with my group the either day. Came across this place when I was having lunch at another shop of the same row. Again I saw quite a number of people eating, and saw that they people eating there looks like fish head.
Instead of being curry fish head they sell asam fish head. OOOOHHHH I LIKE!
I like asam more over curry :P
Overall, I haven't ate a lot of fish head before, but I think this is not bad.

Not very sure of the shop name but its beside restaurant Shanji.
Jalan Lumba Kuda , 80300 Johor Bahru 

Nasi Padang Beef Rendang


Last but not least, I think most JB people would know about this place.
Kin Hua Nasi Padang.
Apparently I heard the original shop shifted and this isn't the original one.
Nevertheless I still think the beef rendang there is nice!
Usually not many places can cook beef the right way, cooked but not hard.
This place had it done very well sometimes, Its well done and still tender and soft to eat!
Brought Yi Ru and Chloe here before and they say its nice too :)

Restoran Kia Hua
Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Johor Bahru Johor Bahru 

Italian Food! Scallop pasta and Wagyu Beef

20130728_220405_Richtone(HDR) 20130728_221040_Richtone(HDR)

OHHH before I forget! Enough of chinese food and local food.
Here is this Italian restaurant recommended by Xin Yi.
Paul brought me there for my birthday dinner. I chose the most expensive food they have there, well almost hahahahahhhaha.
Even so, I still love Paul's pasta more!
I think my beef could have been better, but I have to admit the pasta was awesome!

Rosemarino Italian Restaurant
65 Jalan Kuning 2, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Wantan Mee

Oh, I have to mention, I quite like this wantan mee place call Ho Seng Kee.
Its one of the best wantan mee I ever ate, for real!

Ho Seng Kee
87 Jalan harimau | taman century, Johor Bahru

Anyways this is not a review, so there is no comments on bad food.
I only chose the food which I think its nice to post :P
I mean they are not like SOOOO extremely awesome but its good food for daily eat when you want to find some place to eat out. :)
There are more to this of course, but I shall just blog about these for now :)

*sorry I don't know some of the places' shop names and address. You can try googling it yourself :)



I have the picture of Ho Seng Kee Wan Tan Mee, you could have ask from me noob! LOL -From Chloe (Mishpochas).

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