Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Food Diary : What I Ate Wednesday

Usually I am very eager to wake up for breakfast, I would brush my teeth and think of what I can eat! I don't like/too lazy to turn on the stove in the morning so I would just have something quick. You won't believe how lazy I am. I will show in the up coming food diaries I guess. Anyway, you know usually cereal boxes have their cereal and strawberries and milk ? My thoughts were, if strawberries were sour how would it go well with the cereal and milk. So I decided to try :

Breakfast (10:30am) : Kiwi and Cheerios in Skimmed milk. The sourness of the kiwi went really well with everything really. I did not expect that as an outcome for the taste. And yes, I eat kiwi along with the skin because you've heard kiwi has fibre and most insoluble fibre are from the skin. As I said, I'm lazy.. kudos for me ;p

Oh, I did not spill the milk on purpose for the photo
wtf wtf. I was on accident =___= really. 

Lunch(12:30pm) : Hummus with roasted vegetables on a multi-grain bread with salad on the side. Super fresh salad as the carrots were making noises in every crunch. Whole sandwich tasted really asian, oh I had this sandwich at R.A.W. Parking is free if you are going to their cafe. Got a cup of Americano with this. Forgot where the beans are from, (should be from indonesia if not mistaken..) which made me went high on coffee =__= make sense if the acidity is quite high right? 

Snack(4:30am) : Really am a sucker for bread, Lemon Cranberry Sour Dough Bread with Blackcurrant Jam. Then had two pack of crackers. I feel that I'm hungry always. 

Dinner(7:00pm) : Went to the grocers earlier the week so I tried to make Chicken Breast cover with Toasted Oats on a Salad in Olive Oil dressing. Realize I wouldn't like since its so bland, so I did not salt any ingredient and added mustard to my salad. Sigh, my brother had to help me finish it later I was so full half way through it. 

Colorful aight?



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