Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Confession Night

Confession is about a fault or a crime, or to admit as true. Sometimes confession is also showing what our belief was or the faith in something. I'm sure you understand what confession is though a misconception with a lot of people I see. Confession doesn't necessary be about love or feelings for someone.

Pledging a guilt isn't easy also confessions are presumed for absolution or social acceptance from the judgements even for their own physical and mental health. Sometimes when we listen to the things that the confessor say will actually make us think twice about the aspect of their personality and human behaviour. This can sometimes be a part of something we don't want to mess with if we want someone in our life longer. (so serious weyy)

We are going to tell you our confession in this post. Keeping secrets is so difficult and stressful, confession can be a remedy of 'letting go'. Speak the never spoken! But we'll remain it anonymous keeping it fun. We can't let EVERYTHING out. Keeping a little to ourselves you can guess yourselves. hehehe.

Confession 1

It is about my relationship with my Dad. My Dad and I hardly speak to each other since I am born. Throughout my childhood, all that I could remember is getting scolded and yelled at for little trivial things that I did wrong. It could be as trivial as not understanding what he said or moving a bit too slow into the car. So, I had always tried really hard to impress my Dad. When I go to primary school, I studied hard, get good scores in the hope to get praised by my Dad but all he told me was that I am not good enough. It was pretty heartbreaking though. As I grow up, I made attempts to talk to him but it came to no avail. It will always end up in an awkward silence. Back then, I kept wondering why is it so hard. At one point, I just gave up. A few years back, something struck me and I started writing letters to him from time to time, our relationship actually gets better. I would like to end this confession with some love.

I love you Dad. :D

Confession 2

Sub-confession to this confession I am still shy saying this out, but when I was 13 or 14 I still know nothing much about sex like everyone assume I would. Err haha. You might think it’s normal not knowing by that age(or not). I had a very absurd teacher for living social. He has these dirty jokes that I laugh to and he assume I understand ;/. He was cracking jokes about the term 'play safe' with condoms and what he did was he held his index finger and said condoms slot in *sliding his hands along his index finger. Then I angelically asked him “Why are condoms slot in there when you want to have sex??” 

Lol that’s wasn’t it. That time I’ve never seen how condoms look like, all I know was its rubber. What my living social teacher describe it was a tube(I thought like hose). So, so I thought … if you wanna have a baby you have to put on condom and plug into the girl’s vagina so the sperms can be ‘transferred’ over.(like hosing water into the vagina) That’s why girls and guys have to take out pants/skirts instead your tops are optional to take out.

Then there was one time when I was 14 there is a guy of my age he told me he slept with this girl and the girl slept on the same bed as him. I immediately ask him “Then you got take out your pants anot?!” Haha what happen next was I grew up lah! What you guys are reading now I have not tell ANYONE ever.

When we discussed about this post one of them ask me "..want to put pictures anot." lol!

Confession 3

If you ever had the thought that I am a good girl, think again. (OK, I AM NOT THAT BAD OKAYY heh)
When I was in high school I use to be very...rebellious in a way. I had very limited freedom since my parents didn't really let me go out with my friends alone without parents till I was 16. It wasn't until I was 19 only they start letting me go out anytime without asking for permission from them.

So I was always dying to go out with my friends, and dying to bring my boyfriend, my 'ex' now to my house also.
Since my parents always thinks I am too young for relationship means, I can't bring them home.

So!!! Okay lets start with the going out part. There was once when I was 13, I really wanted to go to Timesquare to meet someone I like. A friend of mine was with me that time. But my parents wouldn't let me cause its far or something like that. So instead I asked them if I could go Leisure Mall in Cheras which was nearer.
After dropping us there. Then! Our journey starts lolololol. We crossed a REALLY HUGE highway which was filled with really fast cars just so that we could get to the bus stop opposite of the road.
Imagine 13 year old tiny girls trying to cross big roads. There were other people crossing as well so we just crossed when they did. How daring!

So that was our first time sitting bus alone to Timesquare alone. After spending the day there we took a bus back as well! Thinking back it surprises me of my daringness.

As for the bringing my ex to my house, he came to my house when there was no one home.
And the drama begins, my parents came home when he was still in my house!!!
We were like thinking how to get him out from my house. He was literally thinking to jump out of my window.
To cut the long story short, basically when my mum was sleeping and my dad was showering, I told my dad I was going to take some stuff in the car.
So I quickly opened the door for him LOL. He got out and went home hahahaha.


Second one is you la Riri. Hahaha xD

LOL I can't reveal who is who. :) hahha so keep guessing then! :)


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